Lewand tips his hat to Bill Ford Jr. in statement

Lynn Henning
The Detroit News

Tom Lewand, the Lions president who lost his job Thursday along with general manager Martin Mayhew, released a statement Thursday night.

Lewand had been with the Lions for 21 years ahead of front-office dismissals that were announced by Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford.

His statement included a tribute to Bill Ford Jr., son of Martha Ford and the late William Clay Ford.

“I want to thank Mrs. Ford for the opportunity to serve the Lions organization and its great fans. I am particularly grateful to Bill Ford for allowing me to be a part of the unique vision he shared with his father to bring the Lions back to Detroit.

“I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the dedicated players, coaches, and former colleagues, who make the Lions and Ford Field special, and wish all of them great success now and in the future.”