Lions had just 10 on field for two Packers FG attempts

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News
Mason Crosby misfires on a 52-yard field-goal try on the final play of the game Sunday.

The Lions won the game, so it doesn't matter as much now.

But on both of the Packers' field-goal attempts Sunday, including a potential game-winner with time expiring, the Lions had just 10 players on the field.

Fortunately for the Lions, the missing player didn't impact the kicks, and the Packers didn't audible to a fake to take advantage of the personnel mishap.

"Both of those are my fault," coach Jim Caldwell said Monday. "We've just got to make sure we get it done."

On the first field goal, a 44-yarder by Mason Crosby, the Lions overloaded the left side of the line of scrimmage with the maximum six players. With 10:11 left in the first quarter, the Lions could've taken a timeout before Crosby's kick gave the Packers an early lead.

"I didn't want to call a timeout because ... we had the number of people that we could have on that particular side," he said. "The back side didn't hurt us as much, but that's my fault."

On the second attempt, which the Packers snapped with five seconds left in the game, the Lions put six players on the right side of the line. Crosby's 52-yard attempt fell well short, sealing the Lions' first win at Lambeau Field since 1991.

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From the FOX broadcast, it difficult to tell which Lions player should've been on the field for the kicks. Obviously, having one fewer player is better than have one extra player, but Caldwell blamed himself for the error multiple times Monday.

Missing a player is also preferable to the Lions' previous field-goal error earlier this year. In a Week 3 loss to the Broncos, the Lions had an illegal formation with seven players on one side of the line on a 53-yard attempt. Brandon McManus missed the kick, but made a 48-yarder after the penalty.

"We always make adjustments," Caldwell said Monday of that penalty from September. "Anything where it's an issue, we talk about it, we get it adjusted and hopefully that sticks."