Kobe's retirement moves Lions' Slay to tears

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News
Darius Slay

Allen Park — Lions cornerback Darius Slay has no problem admitting he's obsessed with Kobe Bryant.

So, when the Lakers legend announced Sunday he was retiring from the NBA, Slay wasn't happy.

"I cried, man," he said Monday. "I got very emotional. I remember him just dunking on folks. Then I was like, the NBA ain't going to be the same no more."

Fortunately for Slay, Bryant and the Lakers visit the Pistons at The Palace this Sunday, so he'll have a chance to see Bryant on his farewell tour.

Seeing Bryant play won't be enough for Slay, though. He said he plans to bring a sign that says "Slay loves Kobe." Slay is also going to try to score an autograph or, as one reporter suggested, his jersey.

"If he gives me that, oh lord, I might not come to work," Slay said. "The jersey? Off that back? The 24? Sweaty and all? I love it."

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Slay is looking forward to his courtside seats for the game and thinks Bryant might score 40 on the Pistons "to show them he's still got it."

Slay has been tweeting about Bryant recently and plans to write more tweets to catch his attention with the hopes of meeting him. Although Slay has seen the Lakers play multiple times at The Palace and once in Los Angeles, he hasn't yet met the basketball icon.

Slay has had a strong third season for the Lions, but even with his coverage skills, he doesn't think he could contain the 37-year-old Bryant.

"No!" he said. "Nobody can guard Kobe. The only person who can guard Kobe is the Lord and, like, the rim."