Darryl Tapp walked toward fellow Lions defensive end Devin Taylor’s locker to make sure Taylor was OK as he addressed a second group of reporters. 
In the Lions’ 27-23 loss to the Packers Thursday, Taylor’s emotional swings were representative of the entire team.

Unfortunately, Taylor’s stellar game wasn’t the focus after the game. He had a career-high two sacks along with three tackles, one for loss and a forced fumble.

But, because Taylor rattled the facemask of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the officials called a penalty that gave Green Bay an untimed play that became a game-winning Hail Mary, Taylor won’t receive his due credit.

The same can be said for several Lions players as the team built a 20-0 lead in the third quarter before the Packers mounted their miraculous comeback.

Had the Lions won, though, Taylor would’ve been among the heroes after destroying the backups on the right side of the Packers offensive line for two third-down sacks.

“It appeared that he was a force out there for an extended period of time and did a nice job in a number of different areas,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said.

Taylor now has five sacks. He said the key to his recent string of success has been transferring his strong play in practice to the games.

“I’m still hungry,” he said. “The whole thing is to never be satisfied, and it’s just one of those things where I want to keep improving and improving every week just to make myself better and better.”

But, in a loss like the Lions suffered Thursday, the good plays quickly become forgotten, which is why Tapp wanted to make sure Taylor was handling his media responsibilities OK.

“I told him since I got here (that) situations happen in this league, (and) sometimes you’re the epicenter of it,” Tapp said. “But you’ve got to stand up good or bad, and I’m proud of him right now for giving you the sound bites you need.”