‘Gangstaclaus’ suits Lions’ Devin Taylor

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Devin Taylor regularly tests the fashion boundaries, whether it’s a Spider-Man sweatsuit or the various colors of hair dye he’s used.

For Monday night’s game, Taylor debuted a Christmas-themed suit before and after the Lions’ win over the New Orleans Saints.

The two-piece suit, complete with matching tie, was white with red and green all over. And the colors were a combination of dinosaurs, handguns, snowflakes and trees, creating a suit called “Gangstaclaus.”

“It matched more of my uniqueness because not many people are willing to go outside of their boundaries to try to look different,” he said.

Taylor said he stumbled on the suit while browsing online and bought it in either October or November. Oppo Suits makes several whacky outfits, and the Christmas suit costs just $99.95.

“I was just waiting for the right time of year to wear it,” he said.

Although Monday was the first time he wore it, Taylor said he will wear it again at some point. And as odd as the suit looked, he said he didn’t hear too many jokes from his teammates.

“What can you say other than you’re in a state of shock,” he said.