Quinn to report to Ford; ‘partners’ with Wood

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Allen Park — As he introduced Bob Quinn as the Lions’ general manager, the final thing president Rod Wood said was the Quinn would report directly to owner Martha Firestone Ford.

This was, of course, in contrast to what the Lions said in their announcement Friday when they hired Quinn. Initially, the team said Quinn would report to both Ford and Wood, but Wood provided some clarity after the news conference Monday.

“We’re partners,” Wood said. “We’re working together, and it’s no big deal.”

Wood said the Lions signed Quinn to a long-term deal, and Quinn started his full-time employment with the team on Monday, meaning his time with the New England Patriots is done after 16 years.

“He’ll be able to jump into this (with) both feet and get it going,” Wood said.

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Wood declined to provide financial details of Quinn’s contract, but ESPN reported it’s a five-year deal.

As Lions GM, Quinn is in charge of all the football-related decisions.

“He’s got final say,” Wood said.

With Quinn and Wood on level footing, the structure of the front office will be similar to how it was with Martin Mayhew as GM and Tom Lewand as president. Mayhew made all the personnel decisions while Lewand handled business-related ventures. However, while Lewand negotiated some contracts, Wood said managing the salary cap will be among Quinn’s duties.

“Obviously, we’ll be working together,” Wood said. “For football decisions, he’s reporting to Mrs. Ford.”