Lions' throwback uniforms will have to wait

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News
The last time the Lions wore throwback uniforms was in a 2010 game against the Patriots on Thanksgiving Day.

The Lions won’t wear throwback uniforms in 2016, but team president Rod Wood said the retro look could return in 2017 along with other potential changes to the jerseys.

The team could still have an alternate uniform for a game in 2016, but Wood said in a radio interview Thursday any other major changes will have to wait. The Lions haven’t worn throwback uniforms since 2010 when they had the blue jersey with silver numbers, pants and decal-less helmets.

“We do have the throwback uniforms under discussion,” Wood said during his hour-long interview with Detroit Sports 105.1 (WMGC-FM). “One of the interesting things about the league is uniforms are very tightly policed, and so to make any change going back to a throwback — or even changing the throwbacks to a different version than the one we have used in the past — almost (takes) a full season notice to the NFL to do that.”

Despite the lack of a throwback jersey, the Lions still might have a third alternate jersey in 2016. Wood said the Lions could be a part of a league announcement regarding alternate jerseys for Thursday games. Last season, some teams wore “color rush” uniforms with matching jerseys and pants on Thursday nights, though Wood said it could be an option on Thanksgiving.

In addition to seeking approval for throwback uniforms, Wood said the Lions will be examining everything about their on-field look.

“I do want to look at our entire uniform, color scheme and look, and that’s something that’s also on the table — maybe for an update of the regular uniform for 2017 — too.”

The Patriots also wore throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving Day 2010.

Wood took multiple jersey-related questions during his interview. The Lions changed the logo slightly in 2009, but the standard home and road uniforms have hardly changed since the early 2000s. One caller said the current uniforms are associated with the Lions’ lousy past, and that the team could look more menacing.

“I think everything is up for review with the uniform, but it does take a lot of lead time to make any change like that” Wood said. “So, I’ll certainly consider it.”

And, on a topic about as popular as the jerseys, Wood took one question from a host about the possibility of adding cheerleaders.

“I was expecting that,” Wood said. “I’m not going to comment on things that we may or may not do, but I would say everything’s on the table to be under consideration.”