After announcing the compensatory picks a couple of weeks ago, the NFL released the full draft order on Tuesday.

The Lions have 10 picks in the draft that begins April 28, including the two compensatory selections they received for losing more unrestricted free agents than they gained in 2015.

The compensatory picks cannot be traded this year, a rule that will change in 2017. And even though the Lions have these 10 selections now, many of their picks could change if new general manager Bob Quinn makes any trades.

Here are the 10 picks:

First round, 16th overall.

Second round, 46th overall.

Third round, 95th overall (compensatory).

Fourth round, 111th overall.

Fifth round, 151st overall.

Fifth round, 169th overall (from Denver).

Sixth round, 191st overall.

Sixth round, 202nd overall (from Seattle).

Sixth round, 210th overall (compensatory.)

Seventh round, 236th overall.