Lions have 66-1 odds to win Super Bowl LI

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Apparently the recent NFL draft didn’t help the Lions’ odds to win Super Bowl LI.

In Bovada’s latest odds released Wednesday, the Lions are tied for the third longest-odds at 66-1 with the Jaguars, Dolphins, Saints and Chargers.

The Lions — who have yet to make a Super Bowl appearance — opened at 33-1 in February before plummeting to 50-1 in March.

Only four teams have worse odds — the Buccaneers (75-1), Browns (100-1), 49ers (100-1) and Titans (100-1).

Super Bowl LI odds

New England Patriots 7-1

Seattle Seahawks 8-1

Green Bay Packers 10-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-1

Carolina Panthers 11-1

Arizona Cardinals 14-1

Denver Broncos 16-1

Cincinnati Bengals 18-1

Dallas Cowboys 22-1

Indianapolis Colts 22-1

Minnesota Vikings 22-1

Kansas City Chiefs 25-1

New York Giants 25-1

Oakland Raiders 25-1

Baltimore Ravens 33-1

Houston Texans 33-1

New York Jets 40-1

Washington 40-1

Atlanta Falcons 50-1

Buffalo Bills 50-1

Chicago Bears 50-1

Los Angeles Rams 50-1

Philadelphia Eagles 50-1

Detroit Lions 66-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 66-1

Miami Dolphins 66-1

New Orleans Saints 66-1

San Diego Chargers 66-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 75-1

Cleveland Browns 100-1

San Francisco 49ers 100-1

Tennessee Titans 100-1

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