Lions' Decker considers coaching for post-NFL job

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News
Ohio State rookie offensive tackle Taylor Decker works with lineman sprinting off the line during the Lions Youth Football Education Fundamentals Camp.

Detroit — As he showed some teenagers pass-blocking techniques on Thursday, Lions offensive tackle Taylor Decker looked completely comfortable.

Apparently, the two-hour camp at Renaissance High could’ve been a prelude to Decker’s life after his NFL career because he’s interested in coaching someday.

“I have thought a little bit about it,” he said. “Obviously, I’ve played football since I was in first or second grade. It’s something I’ve always been around my whole life. I’ve got a bunch of nieces and nephews, so I’ve been around kids a lot. I enjoy being around them, trying to make a difference for them, so that’s a bridge I will cross when it comes.”

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Lions rookies worked with about 100 Detroit PAL football players on Thursday as part of a transition program that is replacing the NFL Rookie Symposium this year.

As an animal sciences major, Decker said he’d be interested in working with animals after his career, too. He had an internship at the Columbus Zoo while he was at Ohio State. But, having attended camps at Ohio State throughout his youth, Decker thinks coaching could be a suitable next job, though it’s far too early to make any commitments.

“Obviously I do think it’s important to have an idea moving forward,” he said.

One of Decker’s draft mates agrees that coaching would be a good opportunity after playing in the NFL.

“I think it runs through every player’s head,” safety Miles Killebrew said. “I think that at one point every player thinks about, man, how can I give back? And with everything that we’ve learned, everything we’ve been exposed to, an obvious choice is reaching out to kids and sharing our knowledge with them, for sure.”