Lions don’t mind being indoor cats in 2016

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

Detroit — Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell likes to hammer home to his players that they need to be an indoor team with an outdoor mentality.

“One of the things that it always boils down to at some point in time, if you’re a really good football team, you’re going to have to go somewhere and play outdoors in whatever the elements hold,” Caldwell said during Wednesday’s Detroit Economic Club luncheon at Ford Field. “You have to be able to function as well outside as inside.”

Caldwell said the team will continue to practice in the elements whenever possible. During training camp, the club worked through multiple 90-plus degree days as well as a torrential rainstorm. He said he feels the players are really embracing the outdoor mentality.

Well, at least some of them.

Safety Glover Quin loves playing outdoors, even when it requires a late-season trip to Lambeau Field. As long as he doesn’t have to do it too often.

“I always say I can take one,” Quin said. “I want at least one a year. This year we go to New York in December, so hopefully it’s cold and it’s snowing.”

Quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was taking part in the panel discussion with Quin, got bug-eyed when Quin expressed his frosty weather wish. With precision a requirement at his position, Stafford would prefer calmer conditions.

Stafford has had some of his worst performances in bad weather, fumbling five times during a snowstorm in Philadelphia in 2013 and throwing three interceptions in gusty Chicago in 2011.

That shouldn’t be much of an issue this year, at least during the regular season. The Lions play 13 of 16 games in stadiums with either a dome or retractable roof. Even more beneficial, the team will get its annual Green Bay and Chicago trips out of the way by early October, when the weather will likely be mild.

“As a quarterback, you want as nice of weather as you can possibly have,” Stafford said. “It’s not a guarantee, but catching those two early is fun.” @justin_rogers