Lions' Cooter for President? 'He'd get the Southern states'

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
The Lions offense has been rolling under offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, left.

Allen Park – Never mind that he's not yet eligible to be President of the United States.

The Lions are having plenty of fun with it anyway – after wide receiver Golden Tate spotted a van earlier this week that had "Jim Bob Cooter for President" scrawled across the rear two windows.

As he left his weekly press conference Thursday, defensive coordinator Teryl Austin echoed the sentiment, drawing a hearty laugh from Cooter, the offensive coordinator, as he approached the podium.

"Me," Cooter said with a grin, "I've got my own problems."

He's also only 32.

You must be at least 35 to be president.

"About 30 seconds ago," Cooter said, when asked when he first saw the picture. "I'm not very in tune out there in the world, so it's nice of (Austin) to leave me with that present as he walked out."

Tate posted the photo on Instagram, and linked to it on Twitter, on Wednesday.

Tate wrote, "Umm... YES Kanye West vs. Jim Bob Cooter 2020 #election?"

By 2020, at least Cooter will be eligible.

There's no word, by the way, if Cooter fell in the polls between the first and second halves during Sunday's loss to the Titans.

Your thoughts, Jim Caldwell?

"I know he'd get the Southern states," the Lions coach said, after a spirited chuckle. "That's for sure."