'Great opportunity': RB Forsett hopes to sign with Lions

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Justin Forsett

Veteran running back Justin Forsett told NFL Radio he’s flying into Detroit Monday night for a Tuesday workout with the Lions.

Forsett, released by the Ravens last week, said he received a few calls, but the Lions showed the most interest. He sounded confident about the possibility of signing with the club.

“That’s the hope,” Forsett said during the interview. “It’s definitely a great opportunity for me.”

A longtime backup, Forsett served as the Ravens starter the past two seasons, before suffering a broken arm last November. He’s averaged 4.8 yards per carry during his eight-year career.

With Baltimore having a pair of younger backs ready for bigger roles, Forsett had little interest in serving as a mentor who barely saw the field.

“Yeah man, I’m not built like that,” Forsett said. “I want to fight and show what I can do. I love mentoring guys, I love being around and leading them that way, but I want to be able to play. It took me a long time to get to the position I’m in now and I want to continue to show what I can continue to do on the football field.”

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Forsett’s time in Baltimore didn’t overlap with Jim Caldwell’s stint as the franchise’s offensive coordinator. The running back arrived the year Caldwell took the head job with the Lions, but the two have crossed paths before. Forsett was in Indianapolis for a short stretch during his rookie season in 2008, where Caldwell served as the team’s quarterbacks coach.

“It goes back a long time, but I love him as a man and a coach,” Forsett said.

At this stage of his career, Forsett, 30, said the primary items on his check list are opportunities to play and win a championship. He might need to settle for the former in Detroit.

“Well, I know you need to win a championship, you need a good defense and a good quarterback and I know they have those things,” Forsett said. “I’ll be excited to see how I fit in, if it’s a good fit.”

Quarterback Matthew Stafford certainly qualifies. He’s completing 68 percent of his throws with a passer rating just shy of 100. But the Lions rank 24th in total defense after five games.