Lions dispute Trump's 'locker room banter' comment

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Golden Tate

Allen Park —Two veteran Detroit Lions on Monday disputed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's claims that his vulgar, sexually charged discussion caught on tape in 2005 and made public recently is the type of "banter" that typically goes on in locker rooms.

"I have not experienced that," safety Don Carey said.

Said wide receiver Golden Tate: "I don't think he ever said it goes on in all locker rooms. I'm guessing that at some point he was part of some type of sports and that's what he thinks it is. I don't know. You all should call him and ask him."

During Sunday's presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, Trump had to respond to the comments caught on tape where he was bragging about groping women.

After the Washington Post released the recordings, he called the comments "locker-room banter."

Since, especially during the debate, many professional athletes took issue with that comparison.

"You can't make excuses for what was said," Tate said. "I think we all make mistakes. I'm sure I've said things, done things that I hope people never find out. He's on a platform that everything he does is gonna be seen. There's no excuse to talk that way about women, to women, to other people, especially when it comes to representing this country.

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"You're going to be the commander in chief, of what’s known as the greatest country in the world, and that's what's coming out of your mouth? That's not a good look."

Locker rooms, especially professional locker rooms, definitely are more R-rated than PG-13. Any sports writer who's been around a beat for a day can attest to that.

And Tate even acknowledges hearing some things.

But he also said the open dialogue often can be enlightening, too.

"I've heard some things over the years," Tate said. "I've heard some distasteful things over the years. But I've also heard some incredible things and some incredible outlooks on life, character, and religion and faith. I think locker room talk can be a wide range of things. I think people just jump to the negative. You sit down with everyone in this locker room and kind of pick their brain on something they have some knowledge on, they can give you some very, very good perspective.

"So locker room talk can be a wide range of things."

But over the last few days, "locker room banter" has been associated with Trump.

The presidential race has gripped the nation, and has caught the attention of athletes, too.

Carey said he hadn't yet seen the debate, but he did record it.

"I think he's a grown man," said Carey, "who has to take accountability for his own words."

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