Lions' Caldwell credits regular routine, faith for overall health

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Lions head coach Jim Caldwell watches in the first quarter.

Allen Park – Coaching in the NFL is a stressful job with long hours and high demands, so it shouldn't be surprising there have been a number of health scares in recent years.

John Fox, Gary Kubiak and, most recently, Bruce Arians have all been hospitalized during the season.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell, 61, has been fortunate to avoid some of the woes that have stricken his peers. He joked that the closest he's come to a health scare is a late-game turnover by his offense.

He credited his faith and a rigorous workout routine he maintains throughout the year for his overall health.

"You have to have a regiment, the way you go about it, and hopefully you can remain somewhat healthy," Caldwell said. "My routine is pretty simple. I get up and pray every morning. That kind of gets my focus where it should be. I do it early so I get my day started off right. I exercise continuously, try to get in six days a week."

Caldwell does a variety of exercises, including cardio on the treadmill and the bike, while mixing in some weight lifting.

How much can Caldwell, a former college cornerback, bench these days?

"Barely my weight and that’s heavy," he said.