Lions lukewarm on two-point conversions

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell.

Allen Park – After the NFL moved the extra point back last season, there was some speculation there would be a significant increase in two-point conversion attempts.

And while there was an uptick, teams still opted to kick 92 percent of the time.

After last Sunday, when kickers around the league missed a dozen extra points, coaches might think a little longer about going for two.

The success rate on extra points this season is 93.6 percent, while teams are converting 53.7 percent of their two-point tries. That means, over time, it’s statistically beneficial to go for two every time.

But don’t expect Lions coach Jim Caldwell to go against conventional coaching wisdom.

“There are a lot of factors in there,” Caldwell said.

“Depends on when you score, depends on how you score, depends on whether or not you think you have a couple things that’ll work, because you know, you don’t want to necessarily get behind the eight ball because then you’ve got to go again and then again to try to make up that point differential. You know, you use it judiciously, but there’s a place for it. It just depends on how you want to approach the game.”

Despite kicker Matt Prater missing two extra points this season, including one that was blocked last week against the Jaguars, the Lions have gone for two just once this season. The attempt, in the closing minutes of a loss to the Bears, was successful and cut the team’s deficit from five to three.