Image appears to show new Lions uniforms

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Image of the Lions new jerseys that have been circulating on social media.

Phoenix – Since the Detroit Lions announced a rebranding earlier this year, including an April 13 launch of four new uniforms, there have been a number of reported leaks of the new look. But a new image circulating on social media appears to be the real deal.

The image, included in an email to season-ticket holders, shows Lions players Marvin Jones, Matthew Stafford, Ziggy Ansah and Sam Martin wearing four different versions of a Lions uniform. The image, which has been enhanced, gives a good sense for what the jerseys will look like.

Included in the four looks are a traditional home and away uniform, with a simplified outline around the numbering consistent with the removal of black from the color scheme and logo. Additionally, the team looks like it will be bringing back a throwback uniform, similar to the version the Lions used to wear on Thanksgiving day.

Finally, the long-awaited color rush jersey, worn by Martin in the image, appears to be silver.

Team president Rod Wood declined to comment on uniform leaks when he met with local reporters at the league meetings on Tuesday.

“I mean, there were a few things, you guys probably saw this, that were leaked a couple weeks ago. I’m not going to comment on how accurate they were, so there’s interest,” Wood said. “You know, some of the players have seen them because we’ve done some photo shoots and things and they seem to be very excited about it.”

Wood confirmed that invites went out to season-ticket holders inviting them to the reveal, which corresponds with the image.

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