ESPN: QB Andre Ware remains Lions’ biggest draft bust

The Detroit News

Draft busts? The Lions have had a few. So to narrow it down to only one — as ESPN does going back to 1979 — is a Herculean task in the Honolulu blue and silver’s case.

The list of first-round flameouts from which to choose could easily include defensive tackle Reggie Rogers (1987) or wide receivers Charles Rogers (2003) and Mike Williams (2005).

However, ESPN’s Michael Rothstein selected quarterback Andre Ware, who was taken seventh overall in 1990 after winning the Heisman Trophy at Houston. The full list is here (pay site).

Rothstein writes, “The Heisman Trophy winner from Houston was thought to be the long-term solution for Detroit at quarterback. He was anything but. Ware played in 14 games over four seasons with the Lions and was largely ineffective. He completed 51.6 percent of his career passes, including two seasons below 50 percent, and threw for only 1,112 yards, five touchdowns and eight interceptions in his career. To put it in perspective, Matthew Stafford has thrown for five touchdowns in a game four times in his career. Ware was out of the NFL after the 1993 season.”

Former Michigan State standout Tony Mandarich, considered the poster boy for NFL draft debacles, is the Packers’ No. 1 draft dud.