Lions coordinator's family clears Houston-area home

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

Allen Park — As Hurricane Harvey continues to ravage Houston, surrounding communities and neighboring states, the Lions are among the legion of sports teams paying very close attention to the devastation.

After all, pro sports, by nature, is a transient industry, with rosters assembled of players and coaches from across the country. And the Lions have staff and players impacted by the severe flooding, perhaps none more than special-teams coach Joe Marciano, whose family evacuated its home Monday.

If Marciano chooses, he would be excused from Thursday’s final preseason game at Buffalo to tend to matters back home, Lions coach Jim Caldwell said.


Lions’ Quin worries as wife, 3 kids in Harvey's path

That’s the case, even though the Lions have several roster decisions to make on many fronts — including on special teams, like settling on a kick returner — as it works to get down from 87 to 53 players by Saturday’s deadline.

“Family comes first,” Caldwell said. “I think that goes without saying. Family comes first.”

Marciano’s roots to Houston date to his long tenure as the Texans’ special-teams coordinator. He was on staff there from 2002-13.

Lions safety Glover Quin also has family in Texas, where rainfall could exceed 50 inches by the time Harvey — now classified a tropical storm, but still with significant strength — has run its course.

“It’s obviously not a pretty scene down there,” Caldwell said of Houston and the surrounding areas. “It’s rather difficult. And I think all of us have seen what’s happening on television and things of that nature. But those that are in the middle of it ... I texted a couple friends that I actually went to college with and played college football with that live down in that area.

“It’s some difficult times down there right now.”