Lions’ Taylor Decker, an ex-UM star? ‘Bro, c’mon’

The Detroit News
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Don’t think for a second that the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry doesn’t burn hot.

Just ask Taylor Decker.

Decker, the Lions’ first-round pick out of Ohio State in 2016, didn’t take kindly to Sean McDonough’s slip during Monday night’s broadcast of the Lions-Giants game on ESPN.

McDonough called the Lions’ injured left tackle “another first-round pick out of the University of Michigan.”

Uh, no he isn’t, Decker reminded his Twitter followers, after he received plenty of ribbing on social media from Michigan fans.

“WTF?!!! Ole guy just said I was out of Michigan,” Decker tweeted. “bro c’mon.”

Decker wasn’t finished.

“Somebody is getting fired,” he tweeted. “The biggest rivalry in sports ... I am hot about that.”

Decker followed by trying to seek out McDonough’s Twitter handle. Only, it appears McDongough doesn’t have one.

This all seemed to amuse Lions’ teammate and fellow offensive lineman Graham Glasgow, who did play at Michigan.

Michigan and Ohio State meet Nov. 25 in Ann Arbor.

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