Lions’ Tate, Jones leave Glasgow hanging after TD

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

Allen Park — Poor Graham Glasgow. Offensive linemen have feelings, too.

During a coordinated touchdown celebration, not picked up by the broadcast Monday night, wide receivers Golden Tate and Marvin Jones pretended to have an intense table tennis volley. Glasgow, who had run down to celebrate with his teammates, held his hand up for a high-five, only to be left hanging by his teammates engrossed in their own thing.

“I just realized it today,” Tate said. “I’d been focused on the pingpong and just didn’t see him. I looked at it again today and was like, ‘Poor Graham. He just wanted to be included.’ ”

Instead, Glasgow completed the awkwardness of the moment with something straight from Wes Anderson film; he patted Tate’s head like a young child petting a dog and walked away.

“That’s just kind of Graham’s personality,” Tate said. “I could definitely see him doing something like that. We’re going to have to try to involve him in something next time, because it’s a little awkward to look at.”

The NFL made coordinated touchdowns celebrations legal this season, and Tate said he wishes there was a way to involve all 11 players on the field, although noted the impracticality, since the play clock doesn’t stop running and linemen have to get lined up for the extra point.

The Lions are perfect in the red zone through two games and Tate is expecting many more touchdowns this season. He told reporters he reached out to former teammate Lance Moore this week for some new celebration ideas.