Fox Sports NFL rules analyst Dean Blandino, the Detroit Lions, and their fans haven't always seen eye to eye.

The former head of officials offered an olive branch in a video, but he'll likely get flagged for stumbling on a longtime beloved Michigan beverage.

Blandino defended the 10-second runoff rule followed the reversal of Golden Tate's touchdown and ended the Lions 30-26 loss to the Falcons in Week 3, because he argues there's simply not enough time to get to the line of scrimmage, set up a play and snap the ball in 10 seconds.

This prompted a response from the Lions' official Twitter account, which recalled last year's game in Minnesota in which the Lions forced overtime after trailing, 16-13, with 23 seconds remaining in a game they eventually won, 22-16.

Blandino tried making amends on his “Last Call” show with fellow rules analyst Mike Pereira, but he may have made things worse with a slip of the tongue.  Blandino lists all the things he loves about Detroit, such as Motown music and Better Made potato chips.

"I love Detroit!" Blandino says.

He also loves ginger ale, and noted Detroit is home to the country's oldest ginger ale company, "Vernons."

Uh, whoops.

Make that Vernors ginger ale, Dean.

"I love Detroit," says Blandino, a Santa Monica,Calif., resident. "Detroit, let's make peace, let's move forward together here."

Maybe Blandino and Detroit can hash it out over a few Vernons? So far, the Lions don't appear to be moved.