Bob Wojnowski, John Niyo and Justin Rogers break down the Lions' loss to the Steelers and what lies ahead against the Packers on Monday night. Detroit News


Allen Park — Glover Quin has got ‘em all.

He’s picked Peyton Manning. Got Drew Brees twice. Reigning MVP Matt Ryan? Yep, him too. Super Bowl winners Joe Flacco and Eli Manning? You bet. And even though it was the preseason, Quin has got the best of Tom Brady as well.

The last quarterback on Quin’s checklist, the final top passer from the era he was drafted, was Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger. And after Sunday night, the list is complete.

“I couldn’t believe Ben threw it,” Quin said. “I appreciate it.”

As he often does, Quin identified the play before the snap. Just like Roethlisberger, the veteran safety saw the Steelers had a big mismatch, All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown against a linebacker Nick Bellore in the slot. Quin shaded to that side before the snap and broke on the ball as soon as it Roethlisberger released it, reaching the spot first and making the diving grab.

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The catch appeared to be a difficult one, but Quin credited practice preparation for making it feel routine. Every Friday, he stands with his toes along the sideline as his position coach, Alan Williams, throws him one ball where Quin must catch it while falling down but keeping his feet in bounds.

This year, Williams accidentally threw one a little wide, forcing Quin to fully extend. Pleased with the challenge provided by the extra degree of difficulty, the two continued practicing the wider-angled throws.

Quin said even running at full speed, as opposed to being stationary during the drill, he had honed the muscle memory necessary to complete the interception.

The pick was the 24th of his career. And if you’re wondering, his favorite came off Brees in 2014, when the fourth-quarter turnover helped set up a winning touchdown for the Lions. Quin is also fond of jumping the route on Ryan’s pass to Julio Jones, earlier this year, and returning it for a touchdown.

As for the most difficult, Quin pointed to the sliding one-handed interception near the sideline he made on a ball that deflected off the hands of Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans in 2014.