Fourth-down tackle made Quin’s night in Lions' win

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
On fourth-and-two, Lions' Glover Quin and Miles Killebrew converge to take down Packers' Randall Cobb to force a turnover on downs in the third quarter.

Green Bay, Wis. — It was midway through the third quarter and the Green Bay Packers still had a pulse.

Down 14 points and at midfield, the Packers faced a fourth-and-2. Going for it was an easy choice and the play call was a good one against the man-coverage look the Lions were showing. Wide receiver Randall Cobb motioned from the far right of the formation and took a pass from quarterback Brett Hundley, a sort of jet sweep.

Quandre Diggs was responsible for covering Cobb, but lost ground before the snap, having to weave through the natural screens set by his teammates in the second level. Playmaking safety Glover Quin saw it developing early and took a risk, abandoning his deep positioning as the high safety to make a play on Cobb.

If the Packers ran a fake and looked deep, Quin knew he’d be out of position to help, but he couldn’t let Cobb run free around the end.

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“I saw Randall take off running, and that’s a tough play for a nickel, because he’s kind of running away from him and he’s running through traffic,” Quin said. “So I just started going and once I confirmed he tossed him the ball, tried to run to the alley and make a play. Guys did a good job setting the edge and I was able to shoot it and make the play.”

Quin was coming downhill before the snap and shot the outside gap at full speed, dropping Cobb in the backfield for a loss and forcing the turnover on downs.

Quin, who shares the Lions’ lead with three interceptions, said dropping Cobb felt as good as picking off a pass.

“Oh yeah, that’s a big play,” Quin said. “You know me, I like making big plays. That’s what I like to do.”