Lions Lowdown: Playoff run in high gear

Detroit News
John Niyo, left, and Bob Wojnowski preview the Lions-Bears game along with Justin Rogers.

Bob Wojnowski has been mulling the Lions-Bears game for quite some time now and he's come to a decision.

He picks the Bears to upset the Lions 20-17 in Chicago on Sunday.

John Niyo and Justin Rogers take the Lions.

Detroit is 5-4 and tied for second in the NFC North with a 37.9 chance to make the playoffs, according to Football Outsiders.

Here's the other highlights of this week's edition of Lions Lowdown.

1:00: Wojo, Niyo on the Lions' playoff chances

 3:30: Rogers says the Lions will have to go 6-1 or 5-2 to make the playoffs

 5:30: Lions offense vs. Bears' 13th-ranked defense

 8:10: Lions defense vs. Bears' 29th-ranked offense

 10:20: Rogers predicts the Lions to win 20-16

 11:20: Niyo takes the Lions 24-13

 12:00: Wojo picks the Bears 20-17