Lions scheme to perfection on 2-point play

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

Detroit — Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter showcased some creative play-calling in the closing minutes of a 35-11 victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Attempting a 2-point conversion following the team’s final touchdown, Cooter dialed up a play that saw quarterback Matthew Stafford as the receiving target on the play.

Stafford initially lined up under center, but shifted outside to simulate relaying an audible to his outside receiver. But as Stafford moved, the ball was snapped directly to running back Ameer Abdullah, who headed right before flipping the ball to receiver Golden Tate, motioning through the backfield the opposite direction. From there, Tate lobbed the ball to Stafford, who had leaked uncovered into the end zone, for the conversion.

“We’ve practiced it a bunch,” Stafford said. “I’ve caught it a bunch of times. I was just happy (Cooter) called it. The guys were fired up in the huddle that he called it. It was a lot of fun, fun way to end it.”

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Lions coach Jim Caldwell said the reason the call was finally utilized is because the Packers presented the right look to use it.

Tate reminded reporters he’s now 2-for-2 on passing attempts during his career. As a member of the Seattle Seahawks, he once completed a 23-yard touchdown to Sidney Rice on a similar rollout throw, moving right to left.

Tate was tongue in cheek with his praise of Stafford when asked if the quarterback had the chops to play receiver full-time.

“He’s a special type of athlete,” Tate said. “He’s one of those guys who can run, pass, catch, block. Whatever you need to do, he can do. We have supreme confidence in Matthew Stafford and we expect him to make more plays like that in the future.”