Lions coach Jim Caldwell said his immediate focus is on spending time with family after the Lions' season-ending win over the Packers. Jusitn Rogers


Here are excerpts from Jim Caldwell's post-game press conference after the Detroit Lions' win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

On if he felt any different walking off the field after the game due to speculation about his job status: “I don’t read and listen and all that stuff you guys do, so it doesn’t have any effect on me in that regard. But what does affect you is certainly the way the crowd supported us. I mean, I think we set an attendance record for a season. I think that certainly, without question, that support makes a huge difference to our players and our coaches as well, so we’re appreciative of that. But other than that, we just go out there and do our job.”

On what updates he has been given about his future: “Nothing at this point has changed, so still working. Just like today, still working.”

On if he knows when he is meeting with Lions general manager Bob Quinn: “Nope. We have evaluations we get rolling sometime here this week, so we’ll see.”

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On if he feels that he needs to state his case in those evaluations: “Have you ever heard me defend or anything? Not to anybody, it’s not just to you. It’s not to anybody. I don’t make any excuses. That’s just not the way I live my life. So, we go out, we do what we do, let everybody make an assessment from there. What’s real assessment is wins. Wins and losses, that’s the key.”

On if there is anything he can share about what he said to the players after the game: “Nothing really, I’m just proud of them the way they played, how tough they played. This is a group that has shown that they can deal with anything. They focus together and play well together. They’ll be fine. You can tell the guys have a great sense of one another, you know, when they come together and play in a game like this and play well.”

On what his biggest regret was from this season: “I don’t have any. Don’t have any.”

On what he is most proud of over his four years as the Lions head coach: “I just think there’s some things that got done. But I’m not done yet, so we’ll see.”

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On if teaching his players about life or football is more important: “Obviously, winning is the most important thing in the business that we’re in. That’s key. But I also think that we try to tell them that there’s also some other important things to utilize their platform properly, to make certain that they’re good citizens as well. We spend a lot of time just talking about there’s a high cost for low living and the guys I think overall understand that. We care about them outside of what they do for us in terms of football. We also expect them to give back as much as they possibly can to the community and I think our guys have done a great job of that.”

On what he means when he says that he is not done yet: “Still working. I’m still working today. I’m still working. If it was something changed, I wouldn’t be standing here, right? Still working.”

On if he has a gut feeling on if he will return as the head coach next season: “You know what, I’m just going to … You see these three grandsons I have, my fourth godson there and my kids? We got a new year coming up and all we’re going to do is go home and see if we can find some black-eyed peas and eat and have a great time with one another. That’s going to be our focus, that’s where we are.”

On what the team’s performance Sunday said about him as head coach: “It’s more about them, it’s not about me. That’s the thing you have to understand. You guys focus in on the wrong thing often times. It’s not about me, it’s about our team. It’s about our players. It’s about how they play together. It’s about our fan base, our ownership and trying to get them done the things that we want to get done, winning the championship here. Those are the things that matter. And don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”