Matt Patricia press conference recap: Coach, Quinn 'tied at the hip'

Geoff Robinson
The Detroit News
New Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (left) walks into his press conference with general manager Bob Quinn.

The Lions will kick off today's press conference with a statement from President Rod Wood, followed by General Manager Bob Quinn introducing Matt Patricia. Patricia will field questions before giving way to Quinn, who will also take questions from the media.

Quinn fields questions

Patricia's interview process: "Matt’s answers were very aligned with what I believe in and what I think will take us to the next level. In the 12 years that we worked together, those are a lot of long hours, lots of talks about plays. There was hours upon hours that were built up over those years. It was really seamless. It was like we were back in his office talking football again."

Lions culture: "This organization sells itself, and that starts with the Ford's. I don't think I had to sell (him) on much. We talked about ownership, how we travel, how we were going to meet, to how we were going to do training camp."

Players: "Matt and I are going to be tied at the hip when it comes to player acquisition. Those decisions are never going to be one-sided."

Patricia fields questions

On the last 48 hours: "It's really been crazy. We traveled back from Minnesota on Monday, got in and regrouped as a family. Tuesday was a go to New England, get a chance to see the guys that played for me and thank them for all of their hard work. I got an opportunity to tell everyone how much they meant to me over the last 14 years. It was very much love and support. Getting here, unbelievable welcome from the Ford family. It's been pretty amazing."

Connection with Bob Quinn: "It's hard to categorize a 'way.' Bob and I believe a lot of the same things when it comes to how we envision a team being run. That's what makes it such a great match. We've got a long way to go before we can call it the "Lions way."

Play-calling on defense: "The good thing about being the head coach is that when I want to call a play, offense, defense or special teams, I can call it. I'm excited about that."

On Belichick: "There's only one Bill Belichick. I'm Matt Patricia."

On Stafford: "He's great. I know what a tremendous quarterback he is. What a competitor who is a true professional."

His road to Detroit: "I used to play electric football, set up all the plays and diagram. I knew at a very young age the strategic part of the game was something I loved. As a coach, there was definitely a distinct moment as a grad assistant where I had that first opportunity to see someone I taught execute in a game. The excitement he showed was what made me excited to be part of the game."

History of the Lions/Belechick assistants: "The NFL's very hard. It's an extremely competitive game. I'm not really worried about what everybody else has done. For me, it's about moving forward. That will start with staffing and putting some coaches in place. We're looking for guys that have our vision, what we want to be about. It's all about moving forward."

If he thinks Lions can win Super Bowl this season: For us, when we get to the fall it’s going to be about that constant improvement. The process for improvement is different than from when I came into the league. Before you talk about anything like that you have to look within the division. That’s a long way off. We’re just trying to make sure we do a good job.

Jim Bob Cooter: "He's on staff and I'm looking forward to continuing that success together."

Matt Patricia

"This is a dream come true. I believe that having the opportunity of being the head coach is a very rare and special gift. This position carries a great responsibility and I will work tirelessly to build a team that everyone can be proud of both on and off the field."

"There are not enough words that I can put together to thank Bill Belichick. I appreciate our time together. New England is a special place, and I hold it dear in my heart."

To the future of the Detroit Lions: "I believe that I am a leader. I believe that I am a problem solver. We will be organized. We will be detailed and committed to winning. We will have a smart, tough, fundamentally sound football team. We will be hard-working and competitive."

Bob Quinn

"I have known Matt since he came to the Patriots in 2004. We sat next to each other in a lot of team meetings. We wanted our new coach to have integrity, leadership, work ethic and being involved all parts of our operation. We believe Matt has those qualities."

Lions President Rod Wood

"I firmly believe this is an incredible day in the history of the Detroit Lions. Our goal is to win and compete for championships. I believe that we are taking the next step in meeting those expectations today."

"As (Quinn) promised, it was a thorough process. It became clear to both of us as we concluded this process that we wanted Matt Patricia as our next coach."