Lions' Quinn: Joint practices still work in progress

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn

Allen Park — The past two years, the Detroit Lions have participated in joint practices during training camp and are still working on finalizing plans for another round this year, according to general manager Bob Quinn.

“We are working on those,” Quinn said. “We have nothing confirmed yet. I think we’re working on, once we get everything like signed, sealed and delivered, we’ll have something to get to you guys, but just nothing yet.”

Quinn explained plans are initially discussed between teams at league meetings and preseason opponent requests are submitted to the league.

“So, some things happen that the league doesn’t help us out with the teams we want to play, and then you get your schedule and you’re like, ‘All right, well, I wanted to play the other team. But I’ve got to play this team, let’s call them,’” Quinn said.

As for the being assigned a preseason trip to Oakland, a seemingly unnecessary trip to the West Coast before the start of the season, Quinn wasn’t thrilled.

After opponents are set, joint practices become a logistics issue; figuring out how the team will take its practice routine on the road.

Quinn declined to address the speculation, but if the team holds joint practices, the most logical fit would be with Week 2 opponent, the New York Giants. They’re scheduled to come to Ford Field Friday, Aug. 17.

The Lions practiced with the Pittsburgh Steelers two days in 2016 and the Indianapolis Colts last season. Both sessions occurred on the road.