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Game leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 27/46, 286 yds., TD, 4 INTs

NYJ - Sam Darnold: 16/21, 198 yds., 2 TDs, INT


DET - Theo Riddick: 4 atts., 20 yds.

NYJ - Isaiah Crowell: 10 atts., 102 yds., 2 TDs


DET - Kenny Golladay: 7 recs., 114 yds.

NYJ - Quincy Enunwa: 6 recs., 63 yds., TD

Jets run out the clock

The Jets will start the drive from the Detroit 35-yard-line.

Trenton Cannon gets the ball on second and first down for a total of 5 yards. 

The game is such a blowout that the game has now been moved to ESPN 2.

Cannon gains 3 yards on third down. They'll go for it on fourth-and-2 from the Detroit 32, and Cannon gets the ball again, this time through the air for a gain of 6. First down.

Cannon gets the ball on the next three downs for a total of 7 yards to make it fourth-and-3, which the Jets will go for. Sam Darnold throws a 17-yard completion on fourth down to get to the Detroit 2-yard-line.

The Jets will now go into victory formation. Sam Darnold takes a knee, which will wind the clock down to 2:00.

Two-Minute Warning

Three more knees from Darnold and one from Matt Cassel will mercifully bring this one to a close.

48-17 Jets (FINAL)

Cassel gets in on pick party

The Lions will take over at the 50.

Theo Rddick catches a 6-yard pass up the middle after a 5-yard completion to Hakeem Valles. 

Golladay catches a 9-yard pass up the middle to get to the New York 35-yard-line. All the Jets fans have moved down behind the New York bench, and their chants of "J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!" are booming on the MNF broadcast.

Cassel misses on his next two passes. His third pass is caught, but by Jets defensive back Jamal Adams. Make that five interceptions by Detroit quarterbacks.

48-17 Jets (6:31 4th)

Lions defense force three-and-out

Bilal Powell gets 6 yards on the ground on first and second down. He gets 1 more yard on third down and the Jets will punt for just the third time tonight.

48-17 Jets (8:23 4th)

Lions close, but no cigar on 61-yard drive

The Lions will start their next drive from the 30.

Matthew Stafford fires it to Golden Tate on first and second down throws to gain 13 yards and a first down.

He throws to Marvin Jones on the next play to gain 13 more yards. Jones goes down at the New York 49-yard-line to end the third quarter.

48-17 (End 3rd)

Stafford throws a short pass to Kerryon Johnson for a gain of 6 and then to Jones on second down or a gain of 2. It'll be third-and-2 at the 44. Golladay goes way up to make a nice catch on third down for a gain of 17. 

If there's been any bright spots for the Lions tonight, it's been the performance of Golladay. He has six catches for 105 yards thus far.

TJ Jones gets cracked over the middle after gaining 6 yards with a completed pass. Stafford goes to Jones in the end zone on second down, but Jamal Adams hits the Lions receiver in the shoulder to jar it loose. Third-and-4. Riddick gets the first down with a gain of 4.

Riddick gets 5 yards on first down, and the Lions are at the 9. Stafford's throw to Tate on second down is batted at the line by recent practice squad signee Frankie Luvu. Stafford's third down pass sails out of the end zone. They'll go for it on fourth down, obviously.

The fourth down pass intended for Marvin Jones is incomplete. The Jets will take over at the 9.

48-17 Jets (10:47 4th)

Two plays, 68 yards, 7 more points for New York

Isaiah Crowell goes up the middle for a gain of 4 on first down.

On second down, Crowell goes up the middle and turns on the afterburners to reach the end zone for a 62-yard touchdown. 

48-17 (0:54 3rd)

Not even Prater is on tonight

Matthew Stafford gives it to Theo Riddick on first down and he takes it 6 yards to the 31-yard-line. Stafford gets it to Levine Toilolo on second down for a gain of 7 to move the chains.

The Jets are called for defensive holding on a 4-yard completion to Golden Tate, which'll add 5 yards to the play. Stafford throws it complete to Jones for a gain of 28 yards and the Lions have reached the New York 28 with a fresh set of downs.

Riddick is thrown the ball on first and second down, gaining three yards total. It's third-and-7. Tate straight up drops a ball as he heads to the sideline on a ball that would have given the Lions a first down. They'll kick a field goal instead.

Even Matt Prater is off tonight. He misses the 44-yard kick.

Fans are heading for the exits.

41-17 Jets (1:51 1st)

Jets only get 3 points this time

The Jets will take over inside the red zone at the 18. 

Isaiah Crowell goes up the middle on first down for a gain of 1 and Sam Darnold's second down pass falls incomplete. Crowell gains three yards on third down and Jason Myers will be out to take the 32-yard field goal attempt.

The kick is good.

41-17 Jets (5:15 3rd)

Stafford picked off for fourth time tonight

Matthew Stafford is back out on the field as the Lions will look to cut into the 21-point deficit from the 25. 

On his first throw, Stafford is picked off again by Darron Lee. It's his fourth interception of the night.

38-17 Jets (6:47 3rd)

This game has been, quite simply, the sum of all fears

Matthew Stafford leads the Lions out on the field after a touchback.

LeGarrette Blount is hurt on a 1-yard run. Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong for Detroit right now.

Stafford is hit from the front and back of his body as he gets off the second down pass. The training staff is out as he's hurt on the play. Stafford walks off under his own power and Matt Cassel will be out to show what he's got.

He ain't got much. His pass on third down hits the ground in front of Golden Tate. The Lions will punt.

Andre Roberts returns the punt to the house. The Lions are now down three scores. The Jets have scored 21 points in 2:36 seconds. The surrender cobras are out.

38-17 Jets (7:00 3rd)

Stafford pick-6 makes it two-score game

Kerryon Johnson's first down run from the 25 goes for no gain. He gets the ball again on second down, and this time the rookie back picks up 9. 

Matthew Stafford is picked off for the third time tonight, and this time, Darron Lee takes it to the house.

It's the Jets first defensive touchdown since 2013.

31-17 Jets (8:07 3rd)

Jets regain lead with ease

Sam Darnold goes to Terrelle on first down from the 25 and gains 12 yards. 

Bilal Powell goes for 10 yards on the next play and the Jets have quickly approached midfield. 

Nevin Lawson is called for pass interference on the next play and it'll be first-and-10 from the Detroit 48. Andre Roberts gets the ball for a 3-yard run on first down. Darnold gets it to Pryor again for a gain of 12, and after a 5-yard run by Powell, Darnold goes to Quincy Enunwa for a touchdown on a 21-yard completion to once again give the Jets a 7-point lead. Yikes.

24-17 Jets (9:36 2nd)

Just like that, it's a brand new ballgame 

Jamal Agnew will not have a chance to return the second half kick as Jason Myers' offering goes out of the end zone. Detroit will start at the 25.

Scratch that. They'll start at the 20 after a false start from Michael Roberts. 

Matthew Stafford puts one in the turkey hole down the left sideline and finds Golden Tate for a gain of 26 yards. Trumaine Johnson has reentered the game for New York. 

Stafford throws it to Tate again for a gain of 4 on first down. He goes to Golladay on second down and Golladay goes 26 yards to get to the New York 26 for a first down.

Tate is wide open over the middle and he cuts through the second level of defense for a 24-yard touchdown. Just like that, this one's tied again.

Stafford was 4-for-4 on the drive and Tate had 54 yards receiving.

17-17 tie (13:10 2nd)

First half leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 10/20, 102 yds., 2 INTs

NYJ - Sam Darnold: 11/15, 122 yds., TD, INT


DET - Kerryon Johnson: 3 atts., 8 yds.

NYJ - Bilal Powell: 7 atts., 37 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 4 recs., 62 yds.

NYJ - Quincy Enunwa: 5 recs., 42 yds.

Lions settle for red zone field goal, enter locker room down 7

The Lions will take the field with 1:51 left in the second from the 25-yard-line.

The knee of Matthew Stafford appears to be feeling better as he runs right for a gain of 6 on first down and fires to Kenny Golladay for a gain of 10 to get to the 41 on second down.

Stafford goes to Golladay again on first down, completing a pass for 11 yards to get into New York territory at the 48.

The Jets are flagged for too many men on the field on an incomplete pass to Jones, and on first-and-5, Stafford fires to Golladay and he sprints up the sideline for a gain of 16. The Lions are at the 27 with plenty of time remaining and two timeouts.

Golden Tate gets 11 yards over the middle and the Lions are finally in the red zone. Theo Riddick fights his way out of bounds for no gain on first down. The Jets are called for taunting. That'll make it first-and-goal for the Lions at the 7. 

Stafford has nowhere to go on first down and throws it out of the end zone with Leonard Williams breathing down his neck. Riddick gets to the 3 on second down.

Timeout Lions (0:21 2nd)

Stafford's pass misses the mark on third down and Matt Prater will be out to attempt the 21-yarder.

Prater's kick is good.

17-10 Jets (0:11 2nd)

Sam Darnold takes a knee to end the first half. The boo-birds are making their voices heard at Ford Field.

Darnold throws first career touchdown

Kevin Beachum is flagged for a false start and that'll back the Jets up to their own 46.

Timeout Jets (3:13 3rd)

Sam Darnold finds Neal Sterling for a gain of 11 on first down and the Jets will be back in Lions territory on second-and-4. Bilal Powell gets just 2 yards on second down to make it third-and-2.

Two-Minute Warning

Darnold goes deep for Robby Anderson, and he pulls it away from Tavon Wilson in the end zone for Darnold's first career touchdown.

17-7 Jets (1:51 1st)

Lions punt after one first down

LeGarrette Blount is wrapped up for no gain on first down from the 6. Matthew Stafford throws out of his own end zone to Marvin Jones to gain 11 yards and a first down, but comes up holding his knee and limping. He'll stay in the game.

Blount gets it again on first down, this time picking up 3 yards. he throws it into the ground near Golden Tate. Matt Cassel is warming up. On third-and-7, Stafford's pass down the sideline to Kenny Golladay bounces off the second-year receiver's hands.

Sam Martin's punt is returned 15 yards by Andre Roberts to the Detroit 49.

10-7 Jets (3:13 2nd)

9-yard loss takes Jets out of field goal range on third down

Sam Darnold looks to extend New York's lead with great field position, starting from his 45.

He completes a four-yard pass to Neal Sterling on first down, misses his receiver on second down, and nails Quincy Enunwa over the middle for a gain of 11 and a Jets first down at the Detroit 40.

Timeout Jets (7:51 2nd)

Isaiah Crowell  gains 4 yards on first down. Enunwa catches a 5-yard pass on second down. A big third-and-1 coming up. Darnold pitches it to Anderson 11 yards behind the line and he's dropped for a loss of 9 to take the Jets out of field goal range. New York's punt is downed at the 6-yard-line.

10-7 Jets (5:20 2nd)

A wild ride with no destination

Kerryon Johnson enters the game on first down from the Detroit 25-yard-line and runs for 5 yards.

Matthew Stafford connects with Kenny Golladay over the middle on a post route and gains 25 yards to get to the New York 25-yard-line.

On first down, Stafford scrambles and throws deep to Marvin Jones in the end zone. The pass goes through the receiver's hands and it'll be second-and-10. Stafford goes play-action and dumps it off to Johnson on a screen pass, and the rookie out of Auburn scampers for a gain of 9. On third-and-1, Johnson gets the ball again, this time running for 8 yards and a first down.

TJ Jones is spun around by a Jets defender on a quick slant route, and Stafford's pass is intercepted by Trumaine Johnson. Kenny Golladay decks Johnson on the return to force a fumble, and the Lions receiver quickly jumps on the ball to get it back for Detroit.

It'll be first-and-10 from the 33.

Johnson is taken down behind the line on first down for a loss of 5. Taylor Decker is flagged for a false start before second down. Its now second-and-20. Stafford throws to Johnson to get the 5 yards back to make it third-and-15 from the 38. Stafford throws it to Golden Tate for a gain of one. Not enough.

Lions fans are booing.

Matt Prater trots out to try the 56-yard field goal, which falls just short. The Jets will take over.

10-7 Jets (9:24 1st)

Jets take lead with field goal

Bilal Powell gets the ball on first down, running to the right for a gain of 3, and catches a pass on second down to make it third-and-2. Darius Slay is back on the field. Sam Darnold rolls out on a designed quarterback-keeper for a gain of 6 to give the Jets a new set of downs.

Powell beats every Lions defender to the left edge and carries it up the sideline to the 21 for a gain of 14.

Powell gets the rock on the next play, but is hit by Ziggy Ansah at the line for no gain. Darnold drops way back on second down and is sacked by Devon Kennard for a loss of 10. It'll be third-and-20 from the 31.

Timeout Jets (0:03 1st)

Isaiah Crowell plows ahead up the middle for a gain of 14. The Jets field goal unit will be out to start the second quarter.

7-7 tie (End 1st)

Jason Myers' 35-yard field goal try is through the uprights.

10-7 Jets (14:57 2nd)

Stafford throws interception on third down

Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense will take the field at the 25.

Detroit goes play-action on first down, but Golden Tate gets crossed up with a Jets cornerback and Stafford's throw misses the mark. Theo Riddick drops the ball on second down. Stafford's third down throw is picked off by Morris Claiborne at the Detroit 49-yard-line.

7-7 tie (4:05 1st)

Powell caps off short drive with touchdown

The Jets offense takes advantage of great field position and Sam Darnold completes one over the middle to Quincy Enunwa for a gain of 15. It'll be first-and-10 from the 17-yard-line.

Isaiah Crowell is tackled for no gain on first down. Enunwa is targeted for a 3-yard completion on second down, and it'll be third-and-7. Darius Slay is down on the play, and most of his teammates are taking a knee around him. 

Darius Slay walks off under his own power, but immediately heads down the tunnel and into the locker room. 

Officials say that Darnold completed the third down pass to Enunwa, but replay appears to show otherwise. Matt Patricia launches the challenge flag.

I stand corrected, as does the MNF broadcast crew. The call stands.

Bilal Powell gets it on first-and-goal from the 5, and he dives into the end zone with Quandre Diggs wrapped around his legs for a touchdown.

7-7 tie (4:20 1st)

Lions go three-and-out on first drive

Marvin Jones draws a pass interference penalty on Detroit's first play from scrimmage. The Lions advance to the 22.

LaGarrette Blount loses 7 yards on his first run as a Lion, and Matthew Stafford misses Kenny Golladay low on second down. It's third-and-17. Stafford hands it off to Theo Riddick for a gain of only 5, and the Lions go three-and-out.

Andre Roberts fields the Sam Harris punt at his own 25 and returns it 43 yards to the Detroit 32-yard-line.

7-0 Lions (6:54 1st)

Ziggy Ansah ends Jets drive with sack

Andre Roberts returns Sam Martin's kick to the 23-yard-line. A holding call brings it back to the 13. 

Bilal Powell goes up the middle on first down for a gain of 13 to get to the 26-yard-line.

He goes up for middle on the next first down for a gain of four, Sam Darnold misses his receiver on second down, and the rookie quarterback gets it to Neal Sterling on third down for a 12-yard gain and a fresh set of downs. 

Darnold goes to Eric Tomlinson on second-and-9 after a 1-yard rush by Powell for a gain of 7 and Isaiah Crowell picks up the first down with a gain of 3 on third down.

The Jets are faced with third-and-5 after an incomplete pass and a 5-yard run from Crowell, and this time, the Detroit defense ends the drive. It's Ziggy Ansah with the sack to force the punt.

Jamal Agnew calls for a fair catch at the 10, and the Lions will take the field for their first drive of the season.

7-0 Lions (8:36 1st)

Quandre Diggs gets Lions on board with pick-6

The Jets have will receive the opening kickoff. Ex-Lion Andre Roberts returns the kick 20 yards and Sam Darnold and the Jets offense will start the drive at their 25-yard-line.

On his first NFL play from scrimmage, Darnold rolls right, throws left and is picked off by Quandre Diggs, who takes it to the house. 

7-0 Lions (14:40 1st)


Running back Ameer Abdullah, defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson and defensive end Romeo Okwara are the notable members of tonight's inactive list for Detroit.

First impressions

In his Lions debut, rooking running back Kerryon Johnson will have the opportunity to become the first Detroit rusher to break the 100-yard mark since Reggie Bush ran for 117 yards vs. the Packers on Thanksgiving 2013.

Lions head coach Matt Patricia is the seventh coordinator from the Bill Belichick coaching tree to land a job as an NFL head coach - and hopes to be the first one to do so with a winning record. 

With the start tonight, New York Jets rookie Sam Darnold will become the youngest quarterback to start a season opener in the modern era (21 years, 97 days). He's also the first rookie quarterback to start a season opener on Monday Night Football.


It’s a big night in Detroit as the Lions host the New York Jets in the season opener for both teams on Monday Night Football. Follow live updates here throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


When: Monday, 7:10 p.m.

Where: Ford Field, Detroit

TV/radio: ESPN, Channel 7/WJR 760

Line: Lions by 7


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