Hand's family on hand for Lions rookie's big play

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Lions' Da'Shawn Hand knocks the ball out of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hands and then recovers it late in the second quarter.

Detroit — In what has to be the biggest moment of an already impressive rookie season, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Da’Shawn Hand worked through a double team at the end of the first half against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and jarred the ball loose from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I’m just grinding and playing football,” Hand said. “I wasn’t thinking about nothing. They slid to my left and I was just doing my pass rush technique, and I have to make a play.”

More impressively, Hand climbed over the flattened quarterback, crawling on his hands and knees, to recover the fumble he had forced.

The turnover proved invaluable, as the Lions turned it seven points at the end of the second quarter, extending the team’s lead to 24-0 at the half in the 31-23 victory.

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Better yet, the moment for Hand came in front of several family members, many, including his father, who were making their first trip to Detroit to watch him play.

Hand understandably cut his postgame interview short to spend some time with his mom, dad, uncle and cousins. The plan was to go out to a nice dinner and spend some time together.

He might also need to reserve a seat for the ball, which he saved and was clinging to as he exited the locker room.

“Oh yeah. I’m not going to forget this,” Hand said with a big smile. “This is glued to me.”


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