Recap: Turnovers punish Lions in 28-14 loss to Seahawks

By Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News
Seattle Seahawks tight end Ed Dickson, defended by Detroit Lions safety Quandre Diggs, catches a 12-yard pass for a touchdown during the first half.

Final leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 27/40, 310 yds., 2 TDs, INT

SEA - Russell Wilson: 14/17, 248 yds., 3 TDs


DET - Kerryon Johnson: 8 atts., 22 yds.

SEA - Chris Carson: 25 atts., 105 yds., TD


DET - Marvin Jones: 7 recs., 117 yds., 2 TDs

SEA - Ed Dickson: 2 recs., 54 yds., TD

Seattles put final nail in coffin with fake punt

Tre Madden runs for no gain on first down and picks up 1 yard on second down.

Timeout #1 Detroit (2:22 4th)

Chris Carson is wrapped up after a 1-yard gain on third down.

Timeout #2 Detroit (2:18 4th)

Brandon Powell back deep for Detroit. The Seahawks run a fake; punter Michael Dickson runs for 9 yards to give Seattle a first down. What an unbelievable way to put the final nail in the coffin.

Chris Carson runs for a yard on first down. 

Timeout #3 Detroit (1:56 4th)

Mike Davis picks up 5 yards on second down. 

Injury: Jalen Reeves-Maybin is being examined by the training staff after going down on the play.

Timeout #2 Seattle (1:02 4th)

Davis goes for 2 yards on third down and Seattle will line up to punt, again.

Timeout #3 Seattle (0:17 4th)

Powell returns the punt back to the 22.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (0:06 4th)

Golden Tate catches a pass. It doesn't matter.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (FINAL)

Stafford picked off at goal line

Golden Tate hauls in a 6-yard reception on first down. Matthew Stafford hits Marvin Jones Jr. for a gain of 18 on second down to move the chains.

Stafford goes deep to Jones down the right sideline, and Jones leans his way into drawing a pass interference call that moves Detroit all the way to the Seattle 16. That's a 56-yard penalty, and it could be argued that it wasn't a penalty at all. Nonetheless, the Lions are in the red zone.

Golden Tate catches a 6-yard pass on first down to make it second-and-4 at the 10. Stafford forces a pass in a tight window that, fortunately for him, bounces off a few different sets of hands before falling to the turf. Stafford keeps on third down and picks up 6 yards for a Lions first down.

Stafford then forces a pass attempt to Tate in the flat that's intercepted at the 1-yard-line. Fans are headed to the exits.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (3:08 4th)

Lions stop Seahawks, but not without losing time off the clock

Chris Carson gains 2 yards on first down. Russell Wilson is sacked by Damon Harrison on second down to make it third-and-18 for Seattle. Mike Davis gets the handoff and picks up 3 as the Seahawks continue to drain the clock.

Injury update: Christian Jones is questionable to return with a knee injury.

Brandon Powell calls for a fair catch on the punt at the 9-yard-line.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (4:45 4th)

Stafford fumbles in Seattle territory

Matthew Stafford drops back and throws a dart to Marvin Jones Jr. over the middle for a 19-yard gain on first down. 

Stafford finds Jones again near the left sideline for a gain of 14 that moves Detroit to the Seattle 46.

Stafford escapes pressure and throws it out-of-bounds in the area of Golden Tate on first down. Stafford tries to bolt away from a collapsing pocket, but fumbles the ball. It's recovered by Seattle's Frank Clark at the 47.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (7:02 4th)

Detroit defense makes huge stop on third-and-short

Sam Martin's kickoff goes for a touchback. Huge drive coming up for the Lions' defense.

Mike Davis picks up 4 on a first-down run. Davis goes down just short of the first down marker with a second-down pickup of 5. Third-and-1 coming up.

Injury: Detroit linebacker Christian Jones is down after the play and is being attended to by the training staff. It appears to be somewhat serious, as many Seahawks tap Jones' helmet while he's helped off the field.

Chris Carson is stopped by Jarrad Davis on third down to force a punt. 

Brandon Powell returns the punt to Detroit's 21-yard-line.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (8:27 4th)

Lions cut Seahawks lead to 14

Ameer Abdullah returns the kickoff to the 43, but a holding penalty on Charles Washington will back Detroit up to its own 15. 

Golden Tate drops a first-down pass from Matthew Stafford. Luke Willson catches a pass on second down, picking up 4 on the play. Stafford throws to Kerryon Johnson over the middle, and the rookie back picks up 15 to reach the 34-yard-line.

Stafford throws over the middle again to Tate. He comes down with it this time, picking up 6 yards on first down. Johnson catches another pass out of the backfield and gets up the sideline for a gain of 7 to move the chains.

Johnson hauls in a 7-yard pass on the next play. Stafford is hit as he throws to the end zone on second down, drawing a roughing the passer penalty. That'll give Detroit 15 free yards and a first down at the Seahawks 31.

Stafford finds Tate on first down for a gain of 6. Abdullah catches a pass out of the backfield, reaching the 19 for a gain of 6 that'll move the chains.

Stafford's throw to Tate on first down falls incomplete. Stafford fits one in a tight window to Marvin Jones in the end zone on second down for a Lions touchdown.

Seahawks 28, Lions 14 (10:40 4th)

Seattle extends lead to three scores

Chris Carson is dropped by Damon Harrison for a loss of 1 on first down. Carson is hit by Jarrad Davis on second down after picking up 3 yards to make it third-and-8. Russell Wilson hits Tyler Lockett over the middle for a 10-yard gain that gives Seattle a first down at the 38.

Carson is tackled by a gang of Lion defenders after picking up 2 yards. Quandre Diggs makes a nice play to chase down Lockett near the left sideline to stop the Seahawk receiver after a 3-yard gain that'll retire the third quarter.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (End 3rd)

Nick Vannett catches an 11-yard pass that moves Seattle to the Detroit 46 with a new set of downs. 

Matt Patricia challenges the ruling on the field. It did not appear that Vannett ever had possession of the ball, but Teez Tabor was flagged for illegal hands to the face (penalty was declined), so not sure what is going to be gained from challenging the call.

The pass is ruled incomplete. The penalty is now enforced, giving Seattle a first down at its own 48-yard-line.

Wilson hits David Moore in-stride down the field for a long completion that'll make it first-and-goal at the Detroit 7. 

Timeout Seattle (14:29 4th)

Chris Carson barrels his way into the end zone for a 7-yard Seattle touchdown. Things are looking bleak for the Lions here in the fourth.

Seahawks 28, Lions 7 (14:23 4th)

Lions offense can't move ball past midfield

LeGarrette Blount gets the ball on first down and is stopped for no gain. Marvin Jones Jr. makes a diving catch to give the Lions some breathing room with a 5-yard gain. Kerryon Johnson catches a screen pass and breaks free for a gain of 24 yards to give Detroit a first down at the 30.

Matthew Stafford has nowhere to go with it on first down and fires the ball out-of-bounds and away from danger. Johnson throws a nasty stiff-arm to drop Justin Coleman on his way to an 11-yard reception.

Blount is stopped for a gain of 1 on first down. It's second-and-9 from the 42. Johnson is targeted by Stafford again out of the backfield, this time for a pickup of 5. Golden Tate is hit hard over the middle as he tries to come down with a quick throw and can't hold onto the ball. Detroit will punt. 

Sam Martin's punt goes out-of-bounds at the 25.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (3:16 3rd)

Detroit 'D' makes goal-line stop 

Chris Carson picks up 5 yards to start the drive. Russell Wilson fakes the give to Carson and comes within a yard of the first down marker with a 4-yard quarterback-keeper. The entire defense sells out to stop the run, leaving Ed Dickson wide open on a play-action pass that puts Seattle at the Detroit 23-yard-line after a 42-yard pickup.

Carson gets 9 yards up the middle on the next play to move Seattle into the red zone. Carson finds a hole near the right sideline, picking up 7 and making it first-and-goal at the Detroit 7.

Carson plows his way to the 1-yard-line on first down. Wilson's pass on second down is caught by Doug Baldwin, but he can't get two feet in-bounds. It'll be third-and-goal from the 1. Carson is stuffed behind the line, thanks in part to Damon Harrison clogging the hole. Seattle will go for it.

Wilson's pass on fourth down is caught by Nick Vannett, but he's flagged for going out of the end zone before hauling in the pass.

It'll be first down, Detroit.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (7:36 3rd)

Lions offense flops to start second half

Ameer Abdullah lets Sebastien Janikowki's kick roll into the end zone for a touchback.

Matthew Stafford finds Kenny Golladay on a hook route for his first catch of the day, which nets 12 yards and a Lions first down.

Kerryon Johnson is stopped for no gain on first down.

Injury: Seattle Seahawks tackle Quintin Jefferson was attended to by the training staff after the play. He walked off under his own power.

Luke Willson picks up 8 yards on a second-down throw. Stafford is sacked by Shamar Stephen on third down for a loss of 11. He came in almost untouched.

Tyler Lockett returns Sam Martin's punt to the 26.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (12:23 3rd)

First half leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 7/13, 108 yds., TD

SEA - Russell Wilson: 11/12, 151 yds., 3 TDs


DET - Kerryon Johnson: 7 atts., 22 yds.

SEA - Chris Carson: 12 atts., 61 yds.


DET - Marvin Jones: 2 recs., 46 yds., TD

SEA - David Moore: 3 recs., 52 yds., TD

Seahawks let clock expire with two-score lead

Russell Wilson's offense takes over at the 7-yard-line with two timeouts and 1:14 remaining in the half.

Mike Davis picks up 6 on a first-down carry. Davis loses a yard on second down and Seattle will let the clock wind down to triple zeroes.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (End 2nd)

Lions can't cut into deficit before halftime

Ameer Abdullah takes the kickoff for a touchback and Detroit will start at the 25 with 2:28 remaining in the half. 

Kerryon Johnson picks up 7 yards on first down. 

Two-minute warning

Coming out of the two-minute warning, the Lions have 68 yards to reach the end zone and two timeouts.

Luke Willson pulls in a reception against his former team for a pickup of 9 that'll move the chains.

Matthew Stafford's throw to Johnson on first down falls incomplete. Stafford gets off a throw to Willson while getting hit on second down; the ball bounces off Willson's hands and it'll be third-and-10. The pocket closes on Stafford in a hurry, and former Michigan standout Frank Clark buries the Lion quarterback for a loss of 2.

Timeout Seattle (1:25 2nd)

Sam Martin's punt is downed at the 7-yard-line.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (1:14 1st)

Lions defensive back burned again for Seattle touchdown

Seattle opens at the 20.

Chris Carson is stopped for a gain of 1 on first down by a missile-like Jarrad Davis. Carson is stopped by Davis for a gain of 2 on second down. Teez Tabor makes a nice play in coverage on David Moore to force an incomplete pass on third down.

Seattle is now challenging that the pass was completed.

The call is reversed. Fans at Ford Field vocally disagree with the ruling. It's a 27-yard gain for Seattle that will put them at midfield with a new set of downs.

Detroit's defense is doing a better job of stopping Carson on runs up the middle. A'Shawn Robinson stops Carson for a gain of 2 on first down. Seattle is called for a chop block, making it first-and-25.

Russell Wilson hits Doug Baldwin on a quick out route for a gain of 6. Baldwin hauls in a 20-yard reception on the next play to give Seattle a first down.

Injury: Nevin Lawson was injured on the play and is being attended to by the training staff. He eventually walks off under his own power.

Carson gets 5 yards on first down. He crosses the line-to-gain on a second-down run, but the play is called back for an illegal shift on Seattle, making it second-and-10. Carson gets 10 yards on the next play, anyway, to move the chains. 

On first-and-10 from the 28, Devon Kennard chases down Wilson and forces an incomplete pass near the right sideline. Tyler Lockett takes the sweep on the next play and gets 10 yards to move Seattle inside the red zone with a fresh set of downs.

Mike Davis goes up the middle on first down for a gain of 4 and picks up 2 more yards on second down to make it third-and-4. For the third time this game, a Seattle receiver goes over the top of a Detroit defensive back and hauls in a touchdown reception. Ed Dickson makes the 12-yard catch over Quandre Diggs to put Seattle up two scores.

Seahawks 21, Lions 7 (2:28 2nd)

Stafford overshoots Jones to end drive

Ameer Abdullah returns Sebastien Janikowski's kick from the end zone again. 

He gets to the 23, but Detroit is flagged for a block in the back. That'll move them back to the 8-yard-line.

LeGarrette Blount catches a screen pass on first down and shows some speed as he picks up 23 to make it first-and-10 at the 31-yard-line.

Kerryon Johnson is stuffed for a gain of only 1 on first down. Golden Tate catches a bubble screen and moves backwards after catching the ball for a loss of 4 yards. Bobby Wagner is called for a facemask, however, and that'll make it first down for the Lions at the 47.

Johnson reaches midfield on a first-down run with a pickup of 3. Matthew Stafford takes a chance to Johnson on a wheel route, but the pass is jumped by Tedric Thompson, who nearly intercepts the ball. Stafford overshoots Marvin Jones on third down and Detroit will punt.

Sam Martin's punt goes through the end zone.

Seahawks 14, Lions 7 (9:44  2nd)

Abdullah fumble leads to Seahawks touchdown

Ameer Abdullah's first action of the game is not great: He returns the ball 33 yards and then loses the ball on a big hit by Tedric Thompson. 

Seattle will take over at the Detroit 34-yard-line. 

Chris Carson is hit on a first-down through and goes up the left sideline for a 17-yard gain.

Carson catches another pass on the next play, this time for 2 yards. David Moore catches a pass over Teez Tabor in the end zone for another Seattle touchdown.

Seahawks 14, Lions 7 (12:42 2nd)

Seattle ties up game early in second quarter

Sam Martin's kick goes through the back of the end zone. Seattle will start at the 25.

Chris Carson gets 5 yards up the middle on first down and 2 more on second down. Russell Wilson is hit as he throws but hangs in long enough to find Nick Vannett downfield for a gain of 16.

Wilson shakes and bakes his way up the left sideline on first down, reaching the Detroit 41 for a gain of 11. 

Carson finds a hole on first down and picks up 12 to end the first quarter.

Lions 7, Seahawks 0 (End 1st)

The Lions didn't like what they saw after lining up after flipping the field, as they burn a timeout.

Timeout Detroit (15:00 2nd)

Carson gets 6 yards on the first-down carry. The Seahawk linemen appear to be moving Detroit's defensive line off the ball with ease. Seattle goes play-action on second down and Tyler Lockett pulls in a deep shot to the end zone over Nevin Lawson for a Seattle touchdown.

Lions 7, Seahawks 7 (14:15 2nd)

Jones puts Lions up on opening drive

Kerryon Johnson picks up 4 on a first-down carry. Matthew Stafford gets the ball out quickly on second down, finding Marvin Jones for a 7-yard gain that'll move the chains.

Johnson goes for a gain of 3 on first and second down to make it third-and-4. Golden Tate catches a pass from Stafford and scampers up the field, breaking a handful of tackles on his way to a 6-yard gain that keeps the drive alive.

LeGarrette Blount gets his first carry of the day, picking up 2 to reach the 35. Stafford gets it to Levine Toilolo in space on second down and he gets upfield for a gain of 12 and another Lions first down at the Detroit 47-yard-line.

Tate takes the jet sweep on first down for a gain of 3. Johnson has no chance on the next play, getting wrapped up for a loss of 1 on second down. Tate loses his defender on third down and hauls in a reception that goes for a gain of 12 to keep the drive alive in Seattle territory at the 39.

Stafford takes a shot of about 20 yards to Jones down the right sideline on first down; the throw is just out of Jones' reach and it'll be second-and-10. Stafford has a complete misfire on second down, and the ball falls to the turf. Stafford escapes quick pressure from the Seattle D-line and drops a dime just over the outstretched fingers of a Seattle defender to Jones in the end zone. Touchdown, Lions.

Lions 7, Seahawks 0 (2:15 1st)

Lions come up with stop on Seattle's opening drive

Detroit has won the toss and has deferred to the second half.

Rashaad Penny returns the kickoff to the Detroit 17. 

Chris Carson gets the carry on Seattle's first play of the game, picking up 9. He gets 6 more on second down to move the chains. 

Carson gets the ball again for Seattle, this time only picking up a yard. Damon "Snacks" Harrison is on the field for Detroit. He gets a tackle on the next play, a 2-yard gain by Mike Davis to make it third-and-7. Russell Wilson goes to the left sideline to David Moore on a comeback route for a gain of 10 yards to give Seattle a first down.

Wilson runs into trouble on first down and fires to Davis. He's wrapped up by Quandre Diggs for a gain of 2. Carson picks up 2 yards on second down to make it third-and-6. Every Seahawk receiver is covered downfield on third down; Wilson can't get away a pass and is brought down behind the line by Romeo Okwara.

Brandon Powell gets to the 9 on the punt return.

Seattle is flagged for a gunner going out-of-bounds, a 5-yard penalty that will be enforced on a re-played fourth down.

Detroit is flagged for holding on a punt downed at the 18-yard-line, so they'll go back to the 9, anyway.

Lions 0, Seahawks 0 (9:08 1st)


Lions: Wide receiver TJ Jones, running back Theo Riddick, defensive ends Ezekiel Ansah and Kerry Hyder and offensive linemen Joe Dahl and Andrew Donnal are inactive for Detroit.

Seahawks: Defensive backs Neiko Thorpe and Maurice Alexander, linebacker Emmanuel Ellerbee, offensive linemen Joey Hunt and Jordan Simmons and defensive linemen Nazair Jones and Rasheem Green are inactive for Seattle.

The Detroit Lions will attempt to climb over the .500 mark for the first time this season in a 1 p.m. game against the Seattle Seahawks. Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News will provide live updates throughout the game.


Kickoff: 1 p.m. Sunday, Ford Field, Detroit

TV/radio: Fox/760

Records: Both teams are 3-3

Line: Lions by 2


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