Lions' Patricia dresses down reporter over posture, respect

The Detroit News

Allen Park — Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia snapped at a reporter during Wednesday's press conference, criticizing the reporter's posture, respect and tone. 

Addressing questions on the team's decision to trade wide receiver Golden Tate, Patricia was asked, “Why do you think this makes your franchise better?”

Matt Patricia

After a brief pause, Patricia pounced. 

"Um, well, you know, do me a favor, just kind of sit up and just have a little respect for the process," he said. "Every day you come in here and ask me questions and you just kind of, like, give me this. Just be a little respectful. I’m just asking to be a little respectful in this whole process. OK? Ask me a question respectfully and I’ll answer it."

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Sitting up straight, the reporter repeated his initial question, which netted a thoughtful response from the coach. 

“I think what’s important for us is when we evaluate everything that we do as a franchise," Patricia said. "I think there’s certain value that we can get at times during the season that will help us long term. And we obviously have faith and confidence in the people that are on this team right now. So, we put all that into play and try to make sure that we’re making the best decision we can in that moment.

"It’s hard," Patricia continued. "It’s very difficult when you’re kind of in that one-game-at-a-time mindset. That’s really where we are from a standpoint of, it’s week-to-week for us and that’s good. But there’s also a big picture here that it’s good for those to keep an eye on as we move forward and that’s something that we always have to consider when we make all these decisions, whether it’s during the season, during the offseason, free agency, draft, whatever it is. Those are difficult decisions no matter when they come up."