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Game summary

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was sacked six times and Detroit's secondary was shredded by Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky Sunday in Chicago, as the Lions fall, 34-20.

Trubisky finished 22-for-30 with 355 yards and three touchdowns. Detroit trailed by 24 entering the fourth quarter, where it scored two touchdowns but failed to ever really get back into the game.

Final leaders 


DET - Matthew Stafford: 25/42, 274 yds., 2 TDs, 2 INTs

CHI - Mitch Trubisky: 23/30, 355 yds., 3 TDs


DET - Kerryon Johnson: 14 atts., 51 yds., TD

CHI - Jordan Howard: 11 atts., 21 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 6 recs., 78 yds., TD

CHI - Allen Robinson II: 6 recs., 133 yds., 2 TDs

Lions' air it out in desperation

Matthew Stafford's first-down throw to Kenny Golladay sails over his receiver's head and falls incomplete. Theo Riddick catches a 1-yard pass on second down. Kerryon Johnson gets 9 yards on a third-down reception to keep the drive alive.

He then pulls in catches of 4 and 3 yards on first and second down. Brandon Powell catches a pass that goes for 6 yards with time ticking near zero before getting pushed out-of-bounds.

Zach Zenner runs for 12 yards on the last play of the game.

Bears 34, Lions 22 (FINAL)

Bears bleed clock with run game

Tarik Cohen recovers Detroit's onside kick attempt. 

Jordan Howard is wrapped up for a loss of 2 by Damon Harrison on first down. Mitch Trubisky hits Allen Robinson for a gain of 8 on second down. Trubsiky uses hit feet to pick up the first down, getting 8 yards while shaking and baking Lion defenders.

Howard gets 2 yards on first down and 3 on second down. Anthony Miller catches a 15-yard pass on third down to move the chains, and then is called for an unsportsmanlike penalty. It'll still be a first down, but will erase the yardage gained.

Howard is stopped for a loss of 2 on first down and gains 1 yard on second down.

Two-minute warning 

Howard is stopped by Harrison for a gain of 1 on third down.

Timeout #2 Chicago (1:15 4th)

Pat O'Donnell's punt goes for a touchback.

Bears 34, Lions 22 (1:04 4th)

Lions make it two-score game with Johnson touchdown

The Lions go for an onside kick. Both teams receive penalties, meaning they'll try it again from the 35. There's a whole lot of stumblin' and fumblin' on the attempt, and Nick Bellore eventually recovers at the Chicago 38. Lions will have great field position.

Matthew Stafford's first-down pass to Brandon Powell is defended well by Eddie Jackson and knocked to the turf. Stafford throws into triple-coverage to Golladay on second down and the pass falls incomplete. There was some confusion between Stafford and Golladay on third down, resulting in an incomplete pass that never really had a chance.

The Lions will go for it on fourth down. Golladay catches a pass in the turkey hole for a 25-yard reception that'll put Detroit at the 13. Kerryon Johnson catches a screen pass and cuts through a couple defenders on his. way to a 13-yard touchdown.

Golladay catches a bubble screen on the two-point attempt but can't break the plane. Matt Patricia is challenging the call. 

Bears 34, Lions 22 (7:21 4th)

Lions' Golladay puts 6 points on the board

Theo Riddick catches a quick pass on first down and uses his shiftiness to get to the 32 with a gain of 18.

Matthew Stafford scrambles for a pickup of 4 on first down. Stafford then throws a pass to TJ Jones near the sideline for a gain of 12.

Stafford throws to Theo Riddick on first down for a gain of 5. A roughing the passer penalty will move Detroit to the 5-yard-line.

Kenny Golladay catches a pass in the corner of the end zone for a 5-yard touchdown reception.

The two-point attempt then fails, as Stafford sails it out of the end zone under pressure.

Bears 34, Lions 16 (8:30 4th)

Lions force safety with third-down sack

Jordan Howard picks up 5 yards with a run on first down. Mitch Trubisky's throw on second down is incomplete to Taylor Gabriel. Trubisky is sacked on third down near the goal line. Matt Patricia challenges that the play should have been ruled a safety, but the call is upheld.

TJ Jones returns the punt to the Chicago 39. but stop me if you've heard this before: There's a flag on the return. Quandre Diggs is called for holding, and Detroit will take over at the 50.

Bears 34, Lions 12 (10:42 4th)

Stafford sacked three times, throws INT

TJ Jones returns the kickoff to Detroit's 27.

Matthew Stafford is sacked on the first play of the drive. Stafford's throw on second down is incomplete. Theo Riddick catches a 13-yard pass on third down to make it fourth-and-2, which the Lions will go for.

Stafford scrambles up the middle and dives forward for a gain of 5 to give the Lions a first down.

Marvin Jones is targeted down the right sideline on first down, drawing a flag on Kyle Fuller. That'll be a 5-yard penalty that makes it first-and-10 at the 45.

Kerryon Johnson gets up the middle for a gain of 4 on first down. Stafford's throw to Brandon Powell on second down falls incomplete. 

Bears 34, Lions 10 (End 3rd)

Stafford throws to Kenny Golladay on third down, who can't hold onto it as he goes to the ground, bringing up fourth-and-6. Michael Roberts makes a diving catch to keep the drive alive with a 9-yard gain.

Injury: Lions running back Kerryon Johnson was injured on the play. He walked off under his own power.

Stafford is sacked on first down for a loss of 12. He gets it to Riddick on second down for a gain of 14, but then is sacked again on third down by Khalil Mack. Goodness gracious.

Stafford's deep throw on fourth-and-15 is intercepted by Prince Amukamara at the 3-yard-line. So, essentially, a punt.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (12:13 4th)

Another long passing touchdown puts Bears up big

Trey Burton catches a pass for 24 yards on first down.

The Bears waste no time in finishing off the drive, as Mitch Trubisky hits Allen Robinson on a slant route for a 26-yard passing touchdown. Nevin Lawson was burned in coverage and couldn't make the tackle to slow him down.

Burton is wide open on the two-point conversion.

Bears 34, Lions 10 (2:50 3rd)

Lions go three-and-out

LeGarrette Blount takes the handoff on first down for a gain of 5. Stafford's throw on second down goes incomplete to Kenny Golladay. Stafford is hit as he throws on third down and can't get the ball to an open receiver. Out comes the punt team.

Sam Martin's punt is downed at the 50.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (3:44 3rd)

Lions get ball back deep in own territory

Mitch Trubisky's throw on first down is incomplete to Tarik Cohen. Trubisky's incomplete pass to Allen Robinson on second down yields a penalty flag on Nevin Lawson, which'll give the Bears a new set of downs at the 44.

Jordan Howard hauls in a 6-yard reception on first down and runs for 2 yards on second down. Trubisky's receiver on third down can't hang onto it, and the Bears will punt.

The Lions will start its next drive from the 8.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (4:47 3rd)

Lions go three-and-out after missed Parkey field goal

Matthew Stafford is sacked by Khalil Mack on first down for a loss of 4. Stafford hits Kenny Golladay on second down over the middle and he gets yardage after the catch for a pickup of 15. 

Kerryon Johnson gets 4 yards on first down, but Marvin Jones is flagged for an illegal block. That'll make it first-and-20. Stafford's throws on first- and second-down fall incomplete. 

Timeout #1 Detroit (6:54 3rd)

Stafford goes deep to Jones down the right sideline; the pass is overthrown.

Sam Martin's punt is returned by Tarik Cohen to the 39.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (6:33 3rd)

Parkey misses another field goal

Mitch Trubisky fires a quick pass to Tarik Cohen, who is then blown up by Nevin Lawson.

Injury: Bears running back Tarik Cohen was injured on the play.

Taquan Mizzell is wrapped up for no gain on second down. Trubisky's third-down pass goes to Anthony Miller for a gain of only 1. Miller pops Nevin Lawson with a fist after the play.

Cody Parkey misses another field goal, this time a 34-yard attempt. 

Bears 26, Lions 10 (8:45 3rd)

Johnson fumbles for first time in NFL career

Detroit takes over at the 31. 

Kerryon Johnson fumbles for the first time in his NFL career on first down; Prince Amukamura returns it to the Detroit 21. Right on cue.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (10:58 3rd)

Parkey misses field-goal attempt

Taquan Mizzell returns the kickoff to the 19.

Anthony Miller catches a pass over the middle with nobody within miles of him. He advances it for a 55-yard gain to make it first-and-10 at the Detroit 26.

Tarik Cohen is pushed out-of-bounds at the Detroit 24.

Timeout #1 Chicago (12:00 3rd)

Jordan Howard is wrapped up by Romeo Okwara after a gain of 1. Mitch Trubisky's throw to Allen Robinson on third down falls incomplete.

Cody Parkey's 41-yard field goal attempt hits the right upright and falls to the ground.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (11:09 3rd)

Lions open third quarter with field goal

T.J. Jones returns the second-half kick to the Detroit 30.

Marvin Jones opens the half with a 32-yard reception on the right hash to move into Chicago territory at the 38. 

Kerryon Johnson gets the carry on first down and picks up 4. Matthew Stafford's first- and second-down throws both fall incomplete, and Matt Prater will be out to try a long field goal.

Prater puts it through the uprights.

Bears 26, Lions 10 (13:23 3rd)

First half leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 9/11, 89 yds., INT

CHI - Mitch Trubisky: 14/16, 209 yds., 2 TDs


DET - Kerryon Johnson: 11 atts., 38 yds.

CHI - Tarik Cohen: 7 atts., 15 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 3 recs., 32 yds.

CHI - Allen Robinson II: 4 recs., 99 yds., TD

Bears burn up clock to end half

Taquan Mizzell returns the kick to the 10-yard-line.

Allen Robinson catches a 1-yard pass on first down. Tarik Cohen goes for another yard on second down and then loses both yards on third down. Not sure why the Lions didn't use a timeout to stop the clock and get another possession before the end of half. 

Either way, that'll do it for the second quarter.

Bears 26, Lions 7 (End 2nd)

Lions get on board at end of second quarter

Cody Parkey's kick goes for a touchback. 

Matthew Stafford hits Kenny Golladay for an 11-yard pass on first down. Golladay fumbled at the end of the run, but recovers.

Kerryon Johnson goes for 1 yard on first down and LeGarrette Blount loses 3 yards on second down. Golladay saves the drive with a 13-yard reception to give Detroit a new set of downs at the 48.

Marvin Jones then gets a target over the middle and hauls it in for a gain of 14. 

Johnson goes up the middle on second down for a gain of 9. Blount picks up the first down with a 2-yard gain after getting hit in the backfield.

Johnson catches a pass in the flat and gains a couple extra yards for a total of 9 to make it second-and-1. Johnson gets the yard he needs on second down to the left side. 

Johnson gets 6 yards on first-and-10 to make it second-and-4 from the 11. Johnson is stopped for no gain on second down.

Two-minute warning

Matthew Stafford's pass on third down to Golladay falls incomplete. Adrian Amos is flagged for pass interference in the end zone, however, which will make it first-and-goal at the 1.

Blount is stopped for no gain on first down.

Timeout #3 Chicago (1:50 2nd)

Blount gets stopped again for no gain on second down. Johnson flips over the line and gets Detroit on the board with a 1-yard run on third down.

Bears 26, Lions 7 (1:05 2nd)

Bears take 26-point lead in second quarter

Taking over in the red zone, the Bears open its next drive with a deep throw to Allen Robinson that falls incomplete.

Timeout #2 Detroit (9:44 2nd)

About 6 Lions defenders miss the chance to tackle Mitch Trubisky, but all of them miss, as the Bears quarterback scampers to an 8-yard gain. Jarrad Davis then gives him a big ol' shove out-of-bounds, and that'll result in an unsportsmanlike penalty. First-and-goal at the 6 coming up.

Injury: Lions tackle A'Shawn Robinson is hurt on the play.

Trubsiky goes to Allen Robinson on first down. The pass falls incomplete, but Nevin Lawson is flagged for pass interference. First-and-goal at the 1 now.

Jordan Howard is stopped for no gain. The Bears receive a penalty for illegal formation, making it first-and-goal from the 6 now. Trubisky hits Trey Burton for 2 yards.

Timeout #2 Chicago (8:18 2nd)

Trubisky tucks it and gets into the end zone with ease. The Lions barely had anybody in the box on that play.

Bears 26, Lions 0 (8:14 2nd)

Stafford throws INT on third down

TJ Jones returns the kick to the 19.

Kerryon Johnson catches a screen pass on first down and is wrapped up for no gain. Johnson gains 3 yards on the ground on second down. Matthew Stafford throws an interception on third-and-7. Bears will take over at the Detroit 18.

Bears 19, Lions 0 (10:00 2nd)

Things have gone from bad to worse

Tarik Cohen goes for a gain of 4 on first down. He receives a quick pass on second down, getting up the sideline for a gain of 17 that'll make it first-and-10 from the Detroit 50.

Mitch Trubisky hits Trey Burton on first down for a gain of 5. Then the Bears put Detroit's defense out of its misery with a 45-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Miller. He was wide open, and the only man who had a chance to tackle him, safety Glover Quin, whiffed entirely.

Bears 20, Lions 0 (11:24 2nd)

Lions respond to touchdown drive with three-and-out

LeGarrette Blount is stopped for no gain on first down to end the quarter. Cody Parkey keeps the Lions in the game with another missed extra point.

Bears 19, Lions 0 (End 1st)

Theo Riddick catches a 9-yard pass on second down to set up a manageable third-and-1. The Lions leave Blount on the sideline and give it to Nick Bellore to make the line-to-gain. Spoiler alert: He doesn't. Lions will punt.

Tarik Cohen calls for a fair catch at the 29.

Bears 13, Lions 0 (13:20 2nd)

Lions secondary looks ugly, Bears go up 13-0

Jordan Howard picks up 1 yard on first down and Tarik Cohen catches a 5-yard pass on second down. Devon Kennard is called for a neutral zone infraction on third-and-4. That'll give the Bears a first down.

Cohen goes to the right for 2 yards on first down. Allen Robinson catches a 27-yard pass over the middle to give Chicago a first down at the 49. 

Then Ben Braunecker hauls in a 20-yard reception on the net play. Nevin Lawson was in coverage for both long passes.

Timeout #1 Chicago (1:42 1st)

Trubisky throws his first incomplete pass of the game to Taylor Gabriel in the end zone. Quandre Diggs made a nice play in coverage to break up the pass. Cohen loses 5 yards on a second-down screen pass to set up third-and-15.

DeShawn Shead gets crossed up badly by Robinson off the line and Robinson gets loose in the secondary, where Trubisky finds him for a 36-yard touchdown pass.

Bears 13, Lions 0 (0:38 1st)

Two sacks on opening drive disrupt Lions' rhythm

Cody Parkey's kick goes for a touchback. Matthew Stafford gets Kenny Golladay involved quickly with a 7-yard completion on first down. Kerryon Johnson finishes goes for 4 yards on second down to move the chains.

Levine Toilolo makes his first catch of the game on second down, picking up 16 yards before getting pushed out-of-bounds to make it first-and-10 from the Chicago 48.

Johnson is stopped for no gain on the next play, but Chicago is called for going offsides. It'll be first-and-5. Matthew Stafford loses 9 yards on the redo of first down with a sack. Marvin Jones is targeted on second down and gets those 9 yards back to make it third-and-5. Johnson only gets 3 yards on third down, setting up fourth-and-2. The Lions go for it, pitching it to Johnson to the left side for a pickup of 10 that'll keep the drive alive at the Detroit 30.

Stafford's first-down throw is incomplete to Theo Riddick. Johnson is topped for a gain of 1 on second down. Stafford is sacked for a loss of 8 on third down.

Timeout #1 Detroit (5:20 1st)

Before the Lions called timeout, Matt Prater had lined up for a field goal. Afterward, they elected to punt. Tarik Cohen calls for a fair catch at the 9.

Bears 6, Lions 0 (5:14 1st)

Bears go up on opening drive

Sam Martin's kick goes for a touchback.

Jordan Howard hits the hole and picks up 9 yards to the right side of the line. Mitch Trubisky fires a screen pass to Tarik Cohen, who dances through a couple defenders on his way to a 3-yard gain and a first down.

Cohen goes for 2 yards on first-and-10. Trubisky hits Anthony Miller just short of the line-to-gain on second down for a gain of 6. The Bears rush to the line and put Trubisky in the shotgun for a 9-yard completion to Trey Burton that'll keep the drive alive as Chicago moves into Detroit territory.

Cohen catches a pass for 8 yards on first down to make it second-and-2 from the Detroit 38. Then Allen Robinson gets it over the middle and turns on the jets on his way to a 35-yard gain that'll make it first-and-goal from the Detroit 3. 

Cohen finishes off the drive with a draw play. Cody Parkey hits the upright on the extra point attempt.

Bears 6, Lions 0 (11:22 1st)


Lions: Defensive back Darius Slay, offensive linemen T.J. Lang and Andrew Donnal, tight end Luke Willson and linebackers Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Eli Harold are inactive for Detroit.

Bears: Wide receivers Kevin White and Javon Wims, defensive back Marcus Cooper, linebacker Kylie Fitts, defensive tackle Nick Williams and lineman Rashaad Coward are inactive for Chicago.

The Detroit Lions, who have lost two in a row, will try to right the ship with a 1 p.m. game Sunday against the Bears in Chicago. You can follow the action here with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


Kickoff: 1 p.m. Sunday, Soldier Field, Chicago

TV/radio: Fox/WJR 760

Records: Lions 3-5, Bears 5-3

Line: Bears by 6


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