Report: Ex-Lions GM Matt Millen needs heart transplant 'fairly soon'

The Detroit News
Matt Millen is waiting for a heart transplant.

Former Detroit Lions executive Matt Millen is entering his third month of an extended stay in a New Jersey hospital, as he waits for a heart transplant.

NBC Sports' Peter King made the revelation in his weekly column Monday, saying Millen needs a heart transplant "fairly soon."

Millen suffers from a disease called amyloidosis.

On Monday, King wrote, in part: 

"On Friday, I spent a couple of hours with Matt Millen in a hospital in New Jersey. He’s been there so long he knows the names of every nurse on the floor. They cook for him — real meals from home, so he won’t have to eat hospital food all the time.

Friday was day 65 waiting for a heart transplant. The guy next door on his floor got a heart and kidney the other day, and Millen was happy. I asked him if he had heart envy when a neighbor on the floor got one, and he said hell no — he hopes they all get theirs."

Millen, 60, who lives in Pennsylvania, revealed the severity of his situation in early October when he left his job as a game analyst for the Big Ten Network.

He was the Lions president, CEO and general manager from 2001-08, and has been in various broadcasting roles since. He played linebacker in the NFL from 1980-91.