Lions' Matt Patricia drops F-bomb in interview with WJR

The Detroit News

Football is an emotional game, for both players and coaches.

An NFL team invests a long week of mental and physical preparation in anticipation that effort will lead to positive results on Sundays. And when it doesn’t, the frustrations can slip in the immediate aftermath of a game, when microphones and video cameras are thrust in the face of the competitors.  

The Lions will miss the playoffs in Matt Patricia's first season as their head coach.

Lions coach Matt Patricia has done his best to conceal and contain his frustrations during his first season with the franchise, despite the mounting losses, but during an interview with the team’s broadcast partner WJR-AM after Sunday’s 14-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Patricia slipped up, dropping a curse word not allowed over the airwaves.

“Look, for us, it’s not different. We go out, we compete, we try to win and we try to (expletive) get better every week. We just have to make sure we do a good job here getting back to work here tomorrow.”

The quote was first reported by MLive. WJR edited out the word on the audio it posted on its website.

No one is surprised to hear a football coach curse. It comes with the territory. Anyone who attended one of the Lions open training camp practices would know Patricia can string them together with the best of them. But filtering them out during public functions, such as press conferences and radio interviews, is part of the job.

Plus, it’s not the first time Patricia has slipped up in one of those settings this season. In October, he allowed a lingering personal issue with a reporter spill out into a press conference, where the coach critiqued the reporter’s posture, instead of simply tackling the issue he had with the question.

Following the loss to the Bills, the Lions fell to 5-9 on the season and were officially eliminated from the postseason.