Lions general manager Bob Quinn doesn't plan on talking more in season

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Lions general manager Bob Quinn will take questions from the media about four different time periods a year, staying in the background the rest of the time.

Allen Park — From April until January, Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn stays in the shadows.

When his first-year coach faced a crisis, the resurfacing of a 22-year old sexual assault allegation, Quinn said nothing beyond the release of a joint statement with team owner Martha Firestone Ford and team president Rod Wood.

When Quinn swung a massive midseason trade for defensive tackle Damon Harrison, plugging one of the roster’s biggest holes with a Pro Bowl-caliber player, again, it was radio silence from the man who pulled the trigger on the deal.

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And a week later, when the Lions shipped out one of their most important and popular players, wide receiver Golden Tate, while still in the thick of playoff contention, Quinn let everyone else do the talking.

That approach irked some Lions fans, who wanted to better understand the thinking of the front office, but Quinn doesn’t plan to change his in-season modus operandi.

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“I’m aware of that and I think I haven’t changed since I came here,” Quinn said last week. “I think I have always done the offseason and let the coach handle the in-season. That’s been consistent since I got here in January of 2016, so you guys get Coach Patricia four or five times a week and that’s really the day-to-day of the team, the status of the team, the opponent, and all that stuff.

"And really, I’m behind the scenes trying to make the team better, trying to work with Matt and trying to work with the coaches. So, I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Quinn generally takes questions during four periods of time per year — immediately after the season, at the scouting combine, during March’s league meetings and after each day of the draft.

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