Bob Quinn said college tight ends spend so little time blocking it's difficult to assess that part of their game. The Detroit News


Indianapolis — Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn doubled down on the idea he would draft a quarterback in the first round of the upcoming draft, while also reminding us why it's not a realistic possibility. 

Quinn, at a season ticket holder summit at Ford Field earlier this month, was asked by a fan if the Lions would consider a quarterback with the No. 8 pick. The GM responded by saying the team is open to drafting any position, at any point in the draft

Asked to clarify the remark at the scouting combine Wednesday, after both he and coach Matt Patricia voiced strong support for Matthew Stafford at the end of the season, Quinn reiterated his stance. 

"I’m never going to say yes or no to one position at a specific time. If I have somebody graded that high, I’m never going to say that I can’t take a, whatever position is —running back, receiver, quarterback, at whatever number is," Quinn said. "If I do that, then I’m eliminating guys off the board. Part of what we do, like I’ve talked about since I’ve been here, is try to blend best available and need, and sometimes it’s a combination of both."

That last part, about blending best available and need, is probably why you can eliminate the possibility, at least as long as Quinn sticks to his previous drafting strategy. In his first three years running the show in Detroit, the team's first-round pick has filled a glaring roster hole. 

Given Quinn's unequivocal support of Stafford, added to the obvious cap implications tied to replacing him at quarterback, there's no way to classify starting quarterback as a pressing need for the Lions.

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