Allen Park — If Monday proved one thing, it's that the Detroit Lions' money spends like anyone else's in free agency.

After signing wide receiver Danny Amendola in the morning, the team reached agreement with three more players during the opening of the league's negotiating period, including one of the biggest prizes on the market, defensive end Trey Flowers

Yet a recent poll of 15 NFL agents, conducted by Monday Morning Quarterback, indicates Detroit is one of the least preferred landing spots for NFL players, along with several other Rust Belt locales.

The thread here, one agent suggests, is the night life in these cities. Another factor, according to an anonymous agent, is the outside perception of Lions coach Matt Patricia. 

"The fourth-worst destination, Detroit, has the added knock of a locker room that appears dysfunctional to players looking in from the outside," the agent said. “Especially with Matt ‘I think I’m Belichick but I haven’t done s---’ Patricia.” 

This isn't a media-driven narrative. It's a view that's obviously shared among players and agents, even if there's likely a bit of hyperbole at play. 

And it's not a coincidence that the Lions signed or agreed with three former Patriots players on Monday. Given their personal experiences with Patricia in the past, they would be more easily able to separate fact from fiction. 

As for Detroit's nightlife, well, that is what it is. The city isn't going to be competing with Miami, Los Angeles or Las Vegas anytime soon.

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