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Wednesday's NFL: Patriots owner Kraft fighting release of video

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Prosecutors intend to release undercover video of Robert Kraft and others allegedly receiving sex acts at a Florida massage parlor, but that won't be soon or perhaps ever.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — Prosecutors told a court Wednesday they plan to release undercover video of Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others allegedly receiving sex acts at a Florida massage parlor, but it likely will be up to a judge when or if it’s released.

Palm Beach County prosecutors filed a notice in a related case saying they believe the videos are public records under Florida law and plan to release pixilated versions — a move Kraft’s attorneys quickly moved to block, accusing prosecutors of apparent “gross prosecutorial misconduct.”

Kraft was charged in February with two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution for allegedly paying for sex at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Fla. He pleaded not guilty. Twenty-four other alleged Orchids of Asia customers were similarly charged.

Palm Beach State Attorney David Aronberg wrote to the court in the related case that there is no legal basis to block the videos’ release. The Associated Press and numerous other media outlets have requested the videos.

“Absent a Court order, the State will be releasing the requested public records” after they are pixilated, Aronberg wrote. His spokesman, Mike Edmondson, said the release is not imminent as the office is processing numerous public records requests from the case.

Defense attorney Jack Goldberger sent a letter to the judge in Kraft’s case, saying prosecutors are trying to “evade judicial review and end run” around a promise he says they made to await a court ruling on whether the videos are a public record.

Kraft, 77, is accused of paying for sex acts at the spa in January.