Lions GM Bob Quinn: We lack ammunition to trade up to top of draft

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Bob Quinn

Allen Park — Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn has made it clear he's open and willing to move back in the first round of next week's NFL Draft.

But what about moving up? Are there any prospects who intrigue Quinn enough to make a bold move up the board?

While this is the time of year for smoke screens and false information, Quinn seemed fairly definitive that the Lions aren't in the market to go up from pick No. 8. 

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"Yeah, there’s a couple players up at the top that you would obviously love to have, but I just think I don’t have enough ammunition to get up there," Quinn said in talking with reporters Thursday. "Like I said previously, I’d like to move back a couple spots, if anything. There’s definitely good players at the top, at the very top. There’s good player at eight, too. Guys that we’re excited about, hopefully a couple of them there and we can choose from a couple of them. I don’t think I’m going to be in the business of moving up in this year’s draft, but there are players that are worthy of that."

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The cost to move up even a handful of spots inside the top-10 is typically costly and reserved for teams looking to secure a franchise quarterback. For example, last year the New York Jets gave the Indianapolis Colts three second-round choices to swap the No. 6 and No. 3 selections.

As for trading down, Quinn couldn't say how far he'd be willing to move back, at least not without knowing more about which players would be available when the Lions are up.

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"It’s really hard to say, right now, to be quite frank with you because some teams say in that 13 to 15 (range), they don’t want to do anything. but you get an offer from 21 and it looks really good," Quinn said. "You’re looking at the board and saying, ‘All right, eight to 21, that’s 13 spots, well, there’s 13 good players I like there.’ So you got to do quick math and kind of look at your board and say, ‘All right, I can at least get that guy’ and kind of just evaluate it there."

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