Lions will explore trade-up options in second round

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Lions GM Bob Quinn

Allen Park — The Detroit Lions traded up in the second round of the NFL Draft last season and that turned out pretty well.

The team's brass will return to the building early Friday morning to discuss whether another move up the board early on Day 2 is the best course on action. 

“It was something we were just talking through the last hour or so, as the other picks were coming off," Lions general manager Bob Quinn said late Thursday night, as the first round of the draft concluded.

Quinn noted that since the draft shifted to its current three-day format in 2010, the extra time between the first and second rounds has given team's more time to evaluate their options and negotiate potential deals. 

"I think it provokes more conversation just naturally by the amount of time you have," Quinn said. "You’re saying, ‘All right, what is it going to take? I have to have one of these two guys, or these three or four guys. What are the chances of them coming to me?’ We’ll go through that process tomorrow morning pretty early and get on the phones if we need to.”

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Last year, the Lions badly needed a running back and there was a bit of a run on the position, with four coming off the board between picks 27-38. Not wanting to miss out on filling the need, Quinn used a fourth-rounder to trade up eight spots and land Kerryon Johnson. 

The team still has several needs to address in this draft after taking tight end T.J. Hockenson in the first round, with guard and cornerback looking to be among the more obvious positions.

Will Quinn sit tight, like he did in the first round when a couple offers came in for the team's No. 8 pick, or will he pull the trigger and move up from his scheduled choice in the second round, No. 43, to get a player the organization covets? We should know the answer by 8 p.m. on Friday.

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