Lions' Johnson has no qualms spoiling 'Game of Thrones'

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Kerryon Johnson

Allen Park — Are you one of millions of Americans who started late and are desperately trying to catch up on "Game of Thrones" before the series finale later this month, or even a few days behind watching the most recent episode, which featured the conclusion of one of the show's biggest story lines? 

Well, plug your ears and run away, because Kerryon Johnson doesn't care.  The Detroit Lions running back will spoil the ending for you with no remorse. 

"I promise you, I don't care about you being caught up," Johnson said Thursday. "The show has been on for so long. If you're not caught up by now. ...Look, watch it. I watched it, you can watch it. I don't care, I'll spoil it. I'll spoil it again, too."

Johnson gave his thoughts on the most recent episode, including, as promised, major spoilers. We'll respect the process and leave those comments out. What we can say is he was a fan of the way things are playing out in fictional land of Westeros. 

"I was going crazy in my room," Johnson said. "I was running all around the room."

"Game of Thrones" premiered in 2011. The show is currently in the middle of its eighth and final season. Last Sunday's episode reportedly drew a record audience, with nearly 18 million people tuning in live.