Packers QB Aaron Rodgers smacks back after beer chugging humiliation

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers playfully shot back at his QB colleagues over beer guzzling.

Allen Park — The black and blue division has become the black and brew division this offseason. 

It started in Milwaukee, during a Bucks playoff game last month, when Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers half-hardheartedly chugged his beer when put on the arena's big screen. He failed to finish the drink, all while his teammate, offensive tackle David Bakhtiari, quickly slammed three beers. 

Rodgers' effort was mocked on all corners of the internet, including on the Instagram account of Kelly Stafford, wife of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. She posted a not-so-subtle video of Matthew chugging a beer while the couple were out to dinner with punter Sam Martin.

A few days later, Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and several teammates housed a round during a Chicago White Sox game, which the team used as an opportunity to take a shot at Rodgers. 

The fun even spilled outside the division with NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes chugging a beer at a St. Louis Blues playoff game. 

Rodgers, who has two MVP awards of his own, and the group's only Super Bowl ring, conceded he might not be the world's best beer guzzler while taking a playful shot at his peers. 

"I kind of said what I said. If you want to go scotch, I feel pretty good about it," Rodgers told Packers reporters. "As far as those other guys, for some of them, there’s finally a talent where they can say they’re better than me at."


Asked another question on the topic, Rodgers offered a more mature response on the risks of promoting excessive drinking. 

"I think we need to be smart about the example we’re setting for kids," Rodgers said. "There are a lot of kids watching. If we’re going to start highlighting and glorifying binge drinking, we need to be very careful about that slippery slope."

That's a quick way to put an end the shenanigans. Stafford and Trubisky will have to look to regain the upper-hand in the rivalry via more traditional means, on the field in the fall.

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