Jarrad Davis says Lions must continue to grow

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

Allen Park — If this football thing doesn't work out, Detroit Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis could always try his hand at botany. 

Offering an assessment of where the team stands at the quarter-point of the season, Davis compared the Lions to a young plant. 

Jarrad Davis

"We know what we have and we know, in a sense, we're kind of like a newly seeded plant and we're starting to blossom a little bit," Davis said. "But we've gotta keep watering. We've gotta keep giving ourselves that light. We gotta keep paying attention to stuff that's going to help us grow and get better and ultimately come out and perform to the best of our abilities, to do exactly what we know we can do on Sundays."

The Lions enter their bye this week with a 2-1-1 record after running through a murderer's row stretch of three consecutive opponents viewed as Super Bowl contenders prior to the start of the season. 

"We're definitely a team that's going to fight," Davis said. "No matter what. It doesn't matter what people say about us, what people feel about us, we're definitely going to fight, no matter what the circumstances."

The Lions' coaching staff intends to use the break to self-scout where the roster is at, while working tirelessly to clean up some of the mistakes that plagued the team through September. 

"We’ve done well in some of those situations, and we’ve done not so well in others," coach Matt Patricia said. "We can build off of that. We really are just working to eliminate the bad football — keep trying to get to good football, consistent football.

"The one thing for us, after the first four games or first four weeks, I would say the thing that we’ll build on the most, is really our process right now," Patricia continued. "I think we’re obviously in rhythm. We understand what the week looks like. We understand what the work is that has to go in — week in, week out — in order to prepare and get ready to go, and that’s really important to us, that process and being consistent because that’s how we improve. That’s how we evaluate the improvement that we have through the course of the year.

"As coaches and players, we have to continually just develop. We have to develop to get better, and certainly from that standpoint, that’s where we’ll take a good look at this week.”


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