Timeout strategy for Lions' Matt Patricia had mixed results

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

Allen Park — Time management is one of the most criticized elements of coaching in the NFL and Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia's timeout decisions at the end of halves and games are often put under a microscope. 

In the Lions' loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, Patricia made the decision to stop the clock twice inside the final minute, with the Lions on defense and the opponent knocking on the door for a game-winning touchdown. 

Lions coach Matt Patricia meets with Chiefs coach Andy Reid after Sunday's game.

Patricia offered a limited explanation for the strategy on Monday, only conceding that he wished he called one of the two timeouts quicker, as opposed to not calling them at all.  

"Some of it is strategic and there are reasons behind it that I probably won’t dive into too much," Patricia said. "I’ll say where maybe only one of those situations I maybe could have called a timeout a little bit quicker.

"Knowing that we would have a couple of plays on the other side of it — if they did score, which they did — to try to use one to get us in a situation where we could throw something downfield."

Detroit's timeouts came once Kansas City got down to the 3-yard line. Had Patricia assumed there was a good chance his defense wouldn't be able to make the stop, and he wanted to give the offense a chance to respond. The fact the Lions were able to take two shots to the end zone in the final seconds of the game would imply the coach's strategy worked. 

The counter argument is the timeouts allowed the Chiefs, the NFL's best offense, to select plays in a controlled environment, while briefly quieting the raucous home crowd during the stoppages of play. 

Teez finds a new home

Former Lions cornerback Teez Tabor finally found a new after being waived by Lions before the start of the season. He signed with the San Francisco 49ers' practice squad on Monday. 

A second-round pick out of Florida in 2017, Tabor appeared in 22 games for the Lions, including five starts. He made 42 tackles, but didn't break up or intercept any passes.

He entered this offseason competing for a starting job, but missed most of training camp with a leg injury.