Recap: Packers' Crosby kicks field goal as time expires to sink Lions, 23-22

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News
Lion' Kerryon Johnson jumps over the top but is short in the first quarter.

Game summary

A penalty to Trey Flowers late in the fourth allowed Green Bay to keep its winning drive alive on Monday night, as Mason Crosby kicked a 23-yard field goal with time expiring to give the Packers a 23-22 win over the Lions at Lambeau Field.

Halftime leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 18/32, 265 yds.

GB - Aaron Rodgers: 24/39, 283 yds., 2 TDs, INT


DET - Kerryon Johnson: 13 atts., 34 yds., TD

GB - Jamaal Williams: 14 atts., 104 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 5 recs., 121 yds.

GB - Allen Lazard: 4 recs., 65 yds.

Packers win game on final drive

Aaron Jones is thrown to the ground by Jarrad Davis after a gain of 5 on first down. 

Injury alert: Tavon Wilson was hurt on the play and is being attended to by the training staff.

Allen Lazard is the target of Aaron Rodgers' next throw, a 12-yard completion that'll give Green Bay a first down at the Packer 35.

A pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling goes for 2 yards on first down. Rodgers scrambles 12 yards for a first down before going down just short of midfield.

Rodgers goes to Lazard quickly and to his left on first down for a completion of 3 yards. Just under four minutes remaining. Jimmy Graham holds onto a tough catch from Rodgers for a pickup of 9 to keep the chains moving at Detroit's 39.

Jamaal Williams is met immediately and stopped for a gain of 2.

Two-minute warning

Lazard catches a throw for 15 yards after the two-minute warning. 

Timeout #1 Detroit (1:53 4th)

Williams gets 2 yards on first down.

Timeout #2 Detroit (1:50 4th)

Williams goes for 4 yards on second down.

Timeout #3 Detroit (1:45 4th)

Rodgers is forced to throw the ball away on third down, but another illegal use of the hands is called on Trey Flowers. Again, his hands did not touch his opponents' face. Horrible.

Mason Crosby kicks a 23-yard field goal as time expires.

FINAL: Packers 23, Lions 22 

Lions' offense sputters with chance to grab insurance points

Kerryon Johnson goes for a gain of 5 on first down. Matthew Stafford can't connect with T.J. Hockenson on first down but finds the rookie tight end out of Iowa for a 7-yard completion on first down to move the chains.

Johnson plows ahead for 4 yards on a first-down run. The Lions go play-action and Stafford takes a deep shot to Marvin Jones, which falls incomplete thanks in part to an early arrival by Will Redmond.

Sam Martin's punt is fair caught by Darrius Shepherd at the 18.

Lions 22, Packers 20 (6:46 4th)

Packers finish on second chance

Aaron Rodgers and Co. will start at the 21.

Aaron Jones takes the first-down pitch for a gain of 9 yards. Rodgers finds a window to fit in a 25-yard completion to Marcedes Lewis on the next play.

Tavon Wilson blows up Jones on a screen for no gain on first down. Devon Kennard gets into the backfield and forces Rodgers to backpedal into his own side of the field before throwing the ball away. Rodgers is sacked by Kevin Strong for a loss of 11, but Trey Flowers is given a brutal penalty for illegal use of hands, giving Green Bay a free first down. 

Jamaal Williams gets 5 yards on first down. Justin Coleman breaks up a throw to Allen Lazard on the next play, but can't stop the touchdown throw to Lazard on third-and-10.

Lions 22, Packers 20 (9:03 4th)

Lions make it a two-score game with another field goal

Kerryon Johnson picks up 8 yards on the ground on first down. Nick Bawden never looks back for Matthew Stafford's throw on second down, resulting in an incompletion. Johnson then catches a pass out of the backfield and then fumbles out of bounds. Green Bay is challenging that Johnson had control of the ball since the fumble occurred after he made the line to gain.

The play is reversed. Matt Prater will attempt a 54-yard field goal.

And it was never in doubt.

Lions 22, Packers 13 (12:22 4th)

Packers open fourth quarter with ball

Marquez Valdes-Scantling goes for a gain of 9 on first down, bringing the third quarter to a close.

END 3RD: Lions 19, Packers 13

Valdes-Scantling makes a terrific over-the-shoulder catch with Rashaan Melvin in extremely tight coverage to give the Packers a first down at the Detroit 15 with a gain of 46.

Aaron Rodgers throws incomplete to Jimmy Graham in the end zone on first down. Aaron Jones is wrapped up for a gain of 3 on second down. Rodgers' third-down throw bounces off the face of Darrius Shepherd and is then picked off by Justin Coleman and returned to the Green Bay 43.

Lions 19, Packers 13 (13:09 4th)

Defensive battle closes third quarter

Matthew Stafford fires complete to T.J. Hockenson for a gain of 7 to open the drive. He hits Kerryon Johnson a second down, a 7-yard connection that'll move the chains and give Detroit a first down at the 32.

Stafford's first-down throw to Kenny Golladay misses the mark. Golladay nearly makes a terrific catch on second down to move the chains, but he can't hold on while going to the ground full-extension. Stafford is sacked by Preston Smith for the second time, a loss of 8.

Darrius Shepherd calls for a fair catch at Green Bay's 30.

Lions 19, Packers 13 (0:24 3rd)

Lions force another three-and-out with lead

Green Bay will start at the 25.

Jamaal Williams goes for a gain of 3 on first down. Aaron Rodgers throws it away on second down and can't connect with Jake Kumerow on third down.

J.K. Scott's punt is downed at the 18.

Lions 19, Packers 13 (2:28 3rd)

Prater adds to Lions' lead with another field goal

Matthew Stafford throws a 16-yard completion to Kenny Golladay to open the drive.

Kerryon Johnson gets 4 tough yards up the middle on the next play. Jamal Agnew takes a reverse for a gain of 9 before stepping out of bounds at the Green Bay 38 to move the chains.

J.D. McKissic takes a delayed handoff for 1 yard on first down. Stafford throws to Marvin Jones down the right sideline, but second-year defensive back Jaire Alexander is there in coverage to break it up. McKissic is taken down after a screen gets 4 yards.

Matt Prater makes a 51-yard field goal.

Lions 19, Packers 13 (3:27 3rd)

Lions force three-and-out after taking lead

Green Bay will open its next drive from the 10.

Jahlani Tavai shoots through the gap and chases Aaron Rodgers all around the pocket, allowing Damon Harrison to step up and drop the Packers quarterback for a loss of 6. It'll be second-and-16 from the 4. Jamaal Williams catches a screen and gets 4 yards before getting pushed out of bounds at the 8. Rodgers is forced to check down to Graham, who gets taken down by Tracy Walker about 5 yards short of the line of scrimmage.

J.K. Scott's punt is downed at the 33.

Lions 16, Packers 13 (6:33 3rd)

Lions capitalize on turnover, lead Packers 16-13 in third

Jamal Agnew takes the kickoff to Detroit's 26.

Kerryon Johnson goes up the middle for a gain of 1. He hasn't been able to find any room to run tonight. Another pre-snap penalty makes it second-and-14. Matthew Stafford hits T.J. Hockenson on a shallow cross for a 5-yard gain. Stafford is hit and dropped for a loss of 9 by Preston Smith on third down.

Dee Virgin absolutely smokes Darrius Shepherd after he fields Sam Martin's punt, resulting in a fumble that's recoverd by Tavon Wilson at the Green Bay 25.

Stafford throws too high for Logan Thomas on first down after the turnover. Johnson goes up the middle for a 2-yard pickup on second down. Stafford's throw to Kenny Golladay is well covered and falls incomplete.

Matt Prater puts a 41-yard field goal through.

Lions 16, Packers 13 (9:01 3rd)

Packers tie game to open the second half

Green Bay will start at the 22 to open the third quarter.

Geronimo Allison is blown up by a hit to the head from Tracy Walker on a first-down incompletion. Walker was looking for the interception, just an unfortunate collision. The Packers will get 15 yards and a first down out of it, but he probably didn't deserve the flag.

Aaron Rodgers completes a 25-yard pass to Marcedes Lewis on the next play that'll give the Packers another fresh set of downs at the 38.

Aaron Jones gets 4 yards on first- and second-down runs. Jarrad Davis shoots up the middle on third down and, while he doesn't get to Rodgers, forces an incompletion.

Mason Crosby puts through a 48-yard field goal to tie the game.

Lions 13, Packers 13 (12:35 3rd)

Halftime leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 12/16, 219 yds.

GB - Aaron Rodgers: 12/20, 99 yds., TD


DET - Matthew Stafford: 2 atts., 10 yds.

GB - Jamaal Williams: 8 atts., 79 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 4 recs., 105 yds.

GB - 3 recs., 40 yds.

Packers add another field goal before half

The Packers get it at their own 6 after a great punt by Sam Martin.

Aaron Jones runs for a yard on first down and 8 on second down. Jamaal Williams moves the chains with a 4-yard pickup.

Geronimo Allison catches a quick throw from Aaron Rodgers for a gain of 2. Rodgers is chased from the pocket and forced to throw it away on second down. Rodgers throws complete over the middle to Allison for a 17-yard connection that'll keep the drive alive.

Two-minute warning

Rodgers completes a 7-yard throw to Williams out of the break. Williams then goes all the way to Detroit's 10-yard-line on a 45-yard run.

Timeout #2 Detroit (1:18 2nd)

Allison is called for holding on first down, bringing up first-and-goal from the 19. Rodgers completes a throw to Jones that goes for a loss of 2. Williams runs for 2 yards to set up a field goal.

END 2ND: Lions 13, Packers 10  

Lions' offense struggling to keep up with early pace

Kerryon Johnson is wrapped up for a gain of 1 on first down. A quick out to J.D. McKissic on second down is complete for a 3-yard gain. Kenny Golladay gets open on a shallow cross and runs all the way to Green Bay's 49 for a 22-yard pickup.

Matthew Stafford throws it away on first down. Johnson is dragged down for a gain of 2 on second down.

Timeout #1 Green Bay (5:22 2nd)

The Lions draw a false start out of the timeout. Za'Darius Smith grabs Stafford from behind for a sack that loses 5 yards.

Lions 13, Packers 7 (5:22 2nd)

Packers cut Lions' lead to 13-7 in second 

Sam Martin's kickoff goes out of bounds. Green Bay will start at the 40.

Trey Flowers is held badly on first down, making it first-and-20 from the 30. Aaron Rodgers gets off a throw while the pocket collapses around him gains 21 yards with a completion to Geronimo Allison.

He goes back to Allison on the next play, but this time it's incomplete. Jones hits a big hole up the middle for a first down, but it's called back for holding. Second-and-16. Near the left sideline is where Rodgers finds Jake Kumerow for a gain of 10. Kumerow again catches a pass on third down, a 7-yard gain that gives Green Bay a first down at the Detroit 38.

Jamaal Williams goes up the middle for a gain of 5 on first down. Jones straight up drops a wide-open throw just short of the end zone. Great playcall, great throw, just couldn't hold onto it. 

Timeout #1 Detroit (10:05 2nd) 

Justin Coleman makes a terrific play to breakup a throw to Allison, but Tracy Walker is called for holding away from the play. It's first-and-10 at the 28.

Rodgers misfires on first down. Williams plows ahead for a 10-yard gain on the next play.

They keep it on the ground on first down, giving it to Williams for a gain of 3. Rodgers' screen pass to Williams on second down is early and falls incomplete. Graham drops a throw from Rodgers in the end zone on the next play, but the Lions had too many men on the field. It'll be first-and-goal from the 8.

Williams gets to the 5 on first down and reaches the end zone on second down.

Lions 13, Packers 7 (7:31 2nd)

Lions add 3 points after Jones fumble

J.D. McKissic goes up the middle for a yard on first down. Matthew Stafford takes off for a gain of 10 yards on the next play, giving Detroit a first down at the 43.

Kerryon Johnson goes up the middle and gets flipped end over end on a 7-yard run. Stafford gets it out in a hurry to Kenny Golladay for an 11-yard pickup that moves Detroit into Green Bay territory at the 39.

Stafford completes a throw over the middle to Marvin Jones that's good for 12 yards and another first down. 

Johnson is wrapped up for no gain on first down.

END 1ST: Lions 10, Packers 0 

Johnson dumps off a screen to Johnson on second down, and he's got a lot of green ahead of him. He goes out at the 8 for a gain of 20.

Jones is the target of Stafford's next throw, a 6-yard completion at the Green Bay 2. T.J. Hockenson is unable to hold onto a fade into the corner of the end zone. He probably should have had that one. The Lions then take a delay of game penalty, but the Packers give the yardage back when Kenny Clark jumps offsides. Back to third-and-goal from the 2. Stafford overthrows Golladay in the end zone.

Matt Prater drives through a chip shot field goal.

Lions 13, Packers 0 (13:28 2nd)

Robinson strips Jones, Lions get ball back

Darrius Shepherd returns the kickoff to the 21.

Aaron Rodgers has all day to throw on first down, eventually finding Aaron Jones near the left sideline for a 6-yard gain. Rodgers and Jones connect again on the next play for a 9-yard reception that'll make it first-and-10 from the Green Bay 36.

Now it's Jamaal Williams getting in on the fun, taking a quick throw from Rodgers for a 16-yard gain as he dances along the left sideline.

Williams goes to the right for a 5-yard run on first down.

A'Shawn Robinson pops the ball loose from Jones on the next play, and it's recovered by Tracy Walker at the Detroit 32.

Lions 10, Packers 0 (3:30 1st)

Johnson touchdown puts Lions up two scores

The Lions again take a deep shot on the opening play of the drive. Matthew Stafford throws a dime to Marvin Hall down the right sideline for a 58-yard gain. It'll be first-and-10 at the Green Bay 16.

Kerryon Johnson is wrapped up for a gain of 1 on first down. Stafford checks it down underneath to Danny Amendola for a gain of 6. Detroit goes bunch formation to Stafford's left on third down, resulting in an open Kenny Golladay just beyond the line of scrimmage. That's a 6-yard pickup that'll make it first-and-goal from the 3.

Johnson is tackled for no gain on first down. Stafford throws an inside screen to T.J. Hockenson to the right, but Hockenson goes down at the half-yard line. Third down coming up. Johnson goes up and over the pile, but he's ruled just short. The Lions will go for it. Johnson gets it again on fourth-and-goal. One official raises his arms signaling touchdown, another rules he's short. It's a touchdown. Lions are up two scores.

Lions 10, Packers 0 (6:35 1st)

Lions defense forces three-and-out on opening drive

Jamaal Williams returns Sam Martin's kick to the 17.

Aaron Jones is wrapped up after a gain of 2 yards on first down. Trey Flowers runs Jones out of bounds for a 4-yard pickup on second down. Justin Coleman with another punch—he ends Green Bay's drive by popping the ball away from Geronimo Allison on third-and-4.

Jamal Agnew waives for a fair catch at the 26.

Lions 3, Packers 0 (11:12 1st)

Flea-flicker results in early Lions lead 

Detroit will start with the ball. Jamal Agnew returns the kickoff to the Detroit 24.

The Lions open the game with a flea-flicker. Holy smokes. Kenny Golladay bruns his defender and hauls in a pass from Matthew Stafford for a gain of 66 yards that'll make it first-and-10 from the 11.

Stafford bumps into his fullback on the next play and takes a 5-yard loss. Stafford goes to Kerryon Johnson on a wheel route on second down, just overthrowing his receiver in the end zone. Good coverage by Adrian Amos. Stafford is tripped up but manages to get off an 8-yard completion to Jesse James. Not good enough for a first down.

Matt Prater puts through a 26-yard field goal.

Lions 3, Packers 0 (12:41 1st)


The Detroit Lions get a national audience for their Monday night game against the Green Bay Packers. Follow the action with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


Kickoff: 8:15 Monday, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wis.

TV/radio: ESPN/760

Records: Lions 2-1-1, Packers 4-1

Line: Packers by 3


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