Recap: Lions lose to Bears on Thanksgiving Day for second straight year, 24-20

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News
Lions quarterback David Blough scrambles out of trouble and throws a completed pass to Kenny Golladay in the first quarter.

Game summary

The Chicago Bears on Thursday afternoon spoiled Thanksgiving Day in Detroit for the second time in as many years, as 280 yards and two touchdowns from third-string rookie quarterback quarterback David Blough in his NFL debut wasn't enough for the Lions to defeat their NFC North foes in a 24-20 loss at Ford Field.

Final leaders


DET - David Blough: 22/38, 280 yds., 2 TDs, INT

CHI - Mitch Trubisky: 29/38, 338 yds., 3 TDs, INT


DET - Bo Scarbrough: 21 atts., 83 yds.

CHI - David Montgomery: 16 atts., 75 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 4 recs., 158 yds., TD

CHI - Anthony Miller: 9 recs., 140 yds.

Blough interception seals Lions' fate on Thanksgiving Day

The Lions take over at their own 17 after a return by J.D. McKissic.

David Blough's throw to Danny Amendola takes too long to arrive and is broken up by Kyle Fuller. He finds Amendola for a 6-yard completion on second down. T.J. Hockenson catches a pass over the middle, bounces off a tackle, and reaches the line to gain with a second effort. It'll be first-and-10 at the 27.

Two-minute warning

Blough hits Hockenson again on the next play for a gain of 9 before getting pushed out of bounds at the 36. Blough breaks free for a decent gain on second down, but it's called back for holding. It's now second-and-11 at the 26. Blough's throw to Marvin Jones at midfield goes through his receiver's hands. Blough finds his favorite target, Kenny Golladay, for a 20-yard completion.

The Lions have a first down at their own 46, 1:05 remains.

Blough is nearly picked off by Nick Kwiatowski, but after deliberation, officials call it an incomplete pass. The Bears jump offsides on the next play; a deep throw to Jones falls incomplete, but the Lions will still get 5 yards for free. It's second-and-5 at the Chicago 49.

Timeout #1 Chicago (0:58 4th)

Blough finds Ty Johnson in the flat, and Johnson gets to the Chicago 42 for a first down. He's then hit by Roquan Smith while going out of bounds, adding 15 yards to the end of the run. It's first-and-10 at the 27.

Blough's throw to Hockenson on first down is caught for a gain of only 1. Blough makes a realy nice throw to Amendola on second down, but Amendola can't pull it in from an awkward angle. Blough is sacked for a loss of 13. Woo boy. It's fourth-and-22, so here's the game.

Timeout #2 Detroit (0:36 4th)

Timeout #2 Chicago (0:36 4th)

Blough is forced to throw from his back feet, and his throw is picked off by Eddie Jackson.

FINAL: Bears 24, Lions 20 

Bears take 24-20 lead with 2:17 remaining

An 11-yard gain for the Bears on first down is erased by an ineligible man downfield. It'll be first-and-15 at the Chicago 5, where Mitch Trubisky hits Anthony Miller for a gain of 11. Allen Robinson straight up drops a pass from Trubisky that wold have been more than enough to move the chains. Here comes third-and-4: Miller gets behind Justin Coleman and Trubisky drops in a beauty, as the two connect for a gain of 35.

It's first-and-10 at the Detroit 49.

David Montgomery runs for a 10-yard gain on the next play, moving the chains once again.

Montgomery gets 5 yards on first down. He's dropped by Tracy Walker for no gain on second down. The Bears on third-and-5 chuck it deep, as Miller pulls down a pass over Coleman at the 2-yard-line of Detroit. 

A delay-of-game penalty on the Bears makes it first-and-goal at the 7. Montgomery gets to the 3-yard-line on first down.

Timeout #1 Detroit (2:22 4th)

Trubisky hits Montgomery in the end zone for a Bears touchdown. 

Bears 24, Lions 20 (2:17 4th)

Penalty negates Lions' attempts to extend lead as fourth quarter winds down

Bo Scarbrough rushes for 4 yards on first down. He breaks free up the right sideline on second down for a 21-yard gain that's negated by an illegal block in the back on Kenny Golladay. It's instead second-and-14. David Blough's throw is swatted to the turf. J.D. McKissic's 9-yard reception on third-and-14 won't be enough to move the chains.

Sam Martin's punt is fair caught at the 10.

Lions 20, Bears 17 (6:40 4th)

Flowers sacks Trubisky on third down to end Bears drive

Matt Prater's kickoff goes for a touchback. Bears get it at the 25.

David Montgomery on first down is dropped after a 1-yard gain. Mitch Trubisky is flushed from the pocket and forced out of bounds by Jarrad Davis at the 28, a gain of 2. 

Hey there, Trey Flowers. He takes down Trubisky with authority on third down, a loss of 7, and Ford Field is alive for for the first time this half.

Pat O'Donnell's punt is fielded by Danny Amendola and returned to the Detroit 34.

Lions 20, Bears 17 (8:37 4th)

Lions take 20-17 lead against Bears with 10:47 remaining

Detroit will start at the 25 after a touchback.

Danny Amendola gets open over the middle on first down, and David Blough finds him for a 12-yard completion.

Bo Scarbrough goes up the middle for a gain of 5 on first down and gets stopped after a gain of only 1 on second down. J.D. McKissic makes an excellent one-handed catch with Roquan Smith tight in coverage to pick up the first down with a gain of 5.

Blough is forced to tuck it on first down, turning what looked like a sure-fire sack into a 1-yard gain. Scarbrough is tripped up at the Chicago 43 after an 8-yard gain on second down. Blough's toss to T.J. Hockenson on third down is caught for a gain of 1, just enough to move the chains.

Scarbrough is dropped for no gain on first down.

END 3RD: Lions 17, Bears 17 

Blough throws to Marvin Jones and into an extremely tight window on second down, but his pass is right on the money and the Lions have a first down at the Bears 26, a 13-yard completion.

Scarbrough runs up the middle for a 9-yard gain on first down, then hits the left-side edge for a pickup of 3 that'll move the chains. It's first-and-10 at the 14.

A 7-yard completion to Danny Amendola is negated for an illegal block in the back called on T.J. Hockenson. It's first-and-20 at the 24.

Blough goes back to Amendola on the next first-down play for a gain of 14 yards. Ty Johnson catches a pass out of the backfield on second down for a gain of 1, bringing up third-and-5 at the 9. Blough's third-down throw misses the mark, but the Bears were offsides. That'll make it third-and-inches at the 5. McKissic looks like he'll be able to get across the line to gain, but is tripped up for no gain because he tried for a touchdown, instead.

Matt Prater puts home a 24-yard field goal.

Lions 20, Bears 17 (10:47 4th)

Bears tie game at 17 midway through third quarer

Chicago takes over at the 20.

David Montgomery is taken down by the tandem of Jarrad Davis and Tavon Wilson after a 2-yard gain on first down. Mitch Trubisky rolls right and fires to Allen Robinson along the sideline for a gain of 16. 

Anthony Miller gets open on the next play for Trubisky, catching a pass over the middle of the field and going down at the Detroit 42, a 20-yard completion. 

Trubisky dumps it off to a wide-open Javon Wims near the right sideline for a gain of 6 on first down. The Bears receive a holding penalty on second down, bringing up second-and-12. Trubisky is flushed from the pocket and forced out of bounds at the 42 for a 2-yard gain. Trubisky hits Robinson for 11 yards, when all they needed was 10. First down, Bears, at the Detroit 30.

Trubisky's pass on first down is complete to Anthony Miller for a 12-yard pickup to the 18.

Jesper Horsted comes down with a throw in the end zone to bring the Bears within a PAT of tying this thing up.

Lions 17, Bears 17 (4:44 3rd) 

Lions go three-and-out after Slay picks off Trubisky

David Blough throws complete to T.J. Hockenson on first down after the interception, but it's for a loss of 2. His pass on second down is forced away. J.D. McKissic can't escape the backfield after hauling in a screen throw from Blough on third down and is dropped for a gain of only a yard.

Sam Martin's punt goes for a touchback.

Lions 17, Bears 10 (9:18 3rd)

Slay picks off pass on Bears' first drive of half

Allen Robinson catches a pass over the middle for a pickup of 14 to start Chicago's first offensive series of the half.

A holding penalty on the Bears on the next play negates a big run by David Montgomery and sets up first-and-20 at the Chicago 41. Javon Wims hauls in a throw from Mitch Trubisky while sprinting toward the sideline, a 13-yard completion. Montgomery fights his way to the Detroit 38 on second down for a gain of 8 that'll move the chains.

Montgomery rushes up the middle for 5 yards on first down. Darius Slay jumps a throw that's behind intended receiver Anthony Miller and returns the interception 19 yards to Detroit's 41.

Lions 17, Bears 10 (10:45 3rd)

Lions go three-and-out on opening drive of half

The Lions will open the second half from the 25 after a touchback on the kickoff.

Bo Scarbrough on first down is dropped for a loss of 5 by Khalil Mack.  Scarbrough finds a lane on second down, gaining 9 to bring up third-and-6. The Lions hurry to the line to get off a third-down play, but David Blough's throw to Danny Amendola is forced and broken up.

Tarik Cohen is dropped for a loss of 4 on his punt return, but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Lions' Dee Virgin will give the Bears starting field position at their own 37.

Lions 17, Bears 10 (13:46 3rd)

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones scores on a 8-yard reception in the first half.

Halftime leaders


DET - David Blough: 7/15, 179 yds., 2 TDs

CHI - Mitch Trubisky: 17/24, 146 yds., TD


DET - Bo Scarbrough: 11 atts., 44 yds.

CHI - David Montgomery: 7 atts., 38 yds.


DET - Kenny Golladay: 3 recs., 138 yds., TD

CHI - Allen Robinson: 5 recs., 44 yds., TD

Bears cut Lions lead to 17-10 before half

Cordarrelle Patterson returns Matt Prater's kickoff to the Chicago 36.

Justin Coleman breaks up Mitch Trubisky's throw to Anthony Miller on first down. Tarik Cohen rushes for 4 yards on second down. Trubisky finds Miller on third down for a 12-yard completion to the Detroit 48.

Two-minute warning

Trubisky escapes from pressure and fires complete to Miller again, this time for a 10-yard gain.

Javon Wims catches a pass on the next play and gets to the Detroit 19 with a gain of 19.

Allen Robinson hauls in a pass for 6 yards on first down. Trubisky's throw to Miller in the end zone on second down is overthrown and falls incomplete. Trubisky scrambles from the pocket and gets tripped up by Tracy Walker after a gain of only 1.

Timeout #1 Detroit (0:25 2nd)

Eddie Pineiro's 30-yard field goal try is good.

Lions 17, Bears 10 (0:22 2nd)

Detroit takes over at the 25 with 22 seconds remaining in the half and two timeouts.

Bo Scarbrough runs for a gain of 15 yards on first down. The Lions call a timeout after he goes down at the 40.

Timeout #2 Detroit (0:15 2nd)

Blough is sacked on the next play.

END 2ND: Lions 17, Bears 10

Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay is off to the races on a 75-yard TD reception.

Lions take 17-7 lead with 3:10 left in half

Frank Ragnow is flagged for a false start. Detroit will start first-and-15 at the 27.

Bo Scarbrough runs for a gain of 8 on first down. Scarbrough on second down gets 3 to make it third-and-4. Ty Johnson catches a pass from David Blough and cuts up the right sideline for a gain of 9 yards, giving the Lions a first down at their own 47.

Johnson his first carry of the game on the next play, a gain of 5. Blough goes over the top to Kenny Golladay again, this time for a 34-yard completion at the Bears 14.

Taylor Decker takes a holding penalty on the next play. It's first-and-20 at the 24. 

A bubble screen to Danny Amendola is blown up immediately and forced incomplete. Johnson runs for 5 yards on second down. Blough takes a shot to Golladay in the end zone on third down, which draws offsetting pass interference penalties. They'll re-do the down. Chicago's Leonard Floyd forces Blough to throw away the pass on third down, but then takes a shot at him after the play, which draws a roughing-the-passer penalty. 

The Lions have it first-and-goal at the 9.

Johnson goes up the middle for a gain of 2 on first down. Jones can't hold onto Blough's second-down throw, though it was a bit behind the receiver. Blough is chased on third down again, and again, makes the right play to throw the ball away.

Matt Prater puts through a 25-yard field goal.

Lions 17, Bears 7 (3:10 2nd)

Lions defense gets fourth-down stop after fumble recovery overturned 

Chicago takes over at its own 9 after a gorgeous punt from Sam Martin. David Montgomery rushes for a gain of 6 on first down.

END 1ST: Lions 14, Bears 7 

Montgomery goes for 5 yards on second down. First down at the 20. 

Tarik Cohen goes up the middle on first down, a gain of 5. Mitch Trubisky hits Miller on second down for a gain of about 7 before Justin Coleman punches the ball out, and Darius Slay recovers at the Chicago 33.

Officials review the play and overturn the call. It's third-and-5 for Chicago at the 25. Trubisky throws an easy completion to Allen Robinson to move the chains with a gain of 14.

Trubisky throws complete to Javon Wims for a 7-yard gain on first down. Tarik Cohen crosses into Lions territory before going out of bounds at the 48, picking up another first down with a gain of 6.

Trubisky throw cross-field to Montgomery, who makes Tavon Wilson miss on his way to a 9-yard gain. Montgomery goes for 3 yard on the next play, making it first-and-10 at the Detroit 36.

An illegal block on Chicago's first-down run makes it first-and-17 at the 46. A face-mask penalty on the next first-down play makes it first-and-32 at the Chicago 42.

Trubisky's first-down pass to Miller is caught for 6 yards. Cohen makes a one-handed catch over the middle for a pickup of 9 on second down, bringing up third-and-17. Wims is there to haul on Trubisky's throw on third down, but only for a gain of 11. It appears the Bears will contemplate going for it on fourth-and-6 at the Detroit 32.

Timeout #1 Chicago (8:13 2nd)

Trubisky is forced into a poor and incomplete pass with Trey Flowers and Devon Kennard in his face. Detroit will take over at the 32.

Lions 14, Bears 7 (8:09 2nd)

Lions punt from midfield again

Bo Scarbrough plows his way to the 50 for a gain of 5 on first down. David Blough's throw to T.J. Hockenson on second down misses the mark. His third-down pass to Danny Amendola is a touch behind the target, and ends up falling to the ground harmlessly after being deflected into the air.

Sam Martin's punt is downed at the 8.

Lions 14, Bears 7 (0:46 1st)

Lions defense forces another three-and-out

Mitch Trubisky's first-down pass is caught by Anthony Miller for 2 yards. Trubisky has all day to throw and for some reason throws into triple coverage, incomplete. Justin Coleman swats a pass on third down intended for Miller.

Danny Amendola is wrapped up at the Detroit 45 after a 5-yard punt return.

Lions 14, Bears 7 (1:39 1st)

Successful onside kick yields no points for Lions

Matt Patricia wants a victory on Thanksgiving, it appears. He attempts an onside kick, and Jalen Reeves-Maybin recovers at the Chicago 49. What a turn of events for Detroit.

A false start penalty on Marvin Jones makes it first-and-15 at the Detroit 46. 

Bo Scarbrough is wrapped by Khalil Mack for no gain on first down. David Blough's throw to T.J. Hockenson on second down is caught for a gain of 5, bringing up third-and-10. Blough can't connect with Jones on third down.

Tarik Cohen is dropped at the Chicago 15.

Lions 14, Bears 7 (2:37 1st)

Blough leads another touchdown drive, Lions take 14-7 lead

Bo Scarbrough takes the first-down handoff up the middle for a pickup of 7, and is then dragged down after a second-down gain of 2. Scarbrough gains a yard on third down to keep the drive alive.

David Blough drops back, has some time to throw, and hits a wide-open Marvin Jones over the middle for a pickup of 19. The Lions have a first down at the Chicago 49.

Scarbrough is stuffed for a gain of 1 on first down. Blough shows off some quick feet, escapes from pressure, but can't connect with T.J. Hockenson while streaking toward the sideline. Third-and-10. Blough escapes from a quickly closing pocket on third down and first complete to Kenny Golladay for a 29-yard gain. It's first-and-10 at the Chicago 19.

J.D. McKissic gets tripped up while trying to turn a good play into a great play, going down after a gain of 9. Scarbrough moves the sticks with a gain of 2.

It's first-and-goal at the 8. Jones is wide open, Blough finds him, and folks, the Lions have a lead.

Lions 14, Bears 7 (4:12 1st)

Lions defense forces three-and-out after tying game at 7

Chicago takes over at the 25.

Mitch Trubisky's first-down throw lands just beyond his intended receiver, incomplete. Jarrad Davis wraps up David Montgomery on second down for a gain of 2. Trubisky hits Tarik Cohen on a shallow crossing route, but Cohen has a trio of Lions in the area and goes down for a gain of only 4.

Danny Amendola returns the ensuing punt 3 yards to the Detroit 22.

Lions 7, Bears 7 (9:26 1st)

Blough throws 75-yard touchdown on second NFL pass

The Lions will start their first drive from the 25 after a touchback.

Here comes David Blough, the rookie quarterback out of Purdue, making his NFL debut. He hands to Bo Scarbrough for no gain on first down. Blough's second-down throw is miles short of the mark, falling to the ground way before reaching tight end T.J. Hockenson.

Kenny Golladay somehow breaks free behind the Chicago secondary, and Blough leads him perfectly on a deep throw. Golladay scores on a 75-yard touchdown reception, and this thing is all tied up at 7.

Lions 7, Bears 7 (11:01 1st)

Bears capitalize on great starting field position, take 7-0 lead

Detroit has won the toss and elects to defer. Matt Prater remains the Lions' man on kickoffs with Sam Martin limited to punting duties because of an abdominal injury.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Here we go.

Prater's kick is fielded by Cordarrelle Patterson and returned to the 25. But Chicago took a holding penalty, and Detroit's Justin Coleman took a personal foul on a late hit, so they'll restart the game with another kickoff.

Patterson takes the second kickoff from 7 yards deep in the end zone and runs all the way to midfield before Amani Oruwariye saves a touchdown by pushing him out of bounds.

Mitchell Trubisky throws complete to Allen Robinson for 5 yards at the Detroit 45. He hits Tarik Cohen on second down for a gain of 7 and a new set of downs at the Detroit 38.

Trubisky goes back to Robinson on Chicago's next first-down play, finding his top receiver for a pickup of 9. David Montgomery moves the chains with a 5-yard run. He was pushed out of bounds at the Detroit 24.

Montgomery makes a nice cut at the line of scrimmage on first down, gaining 14 yards and setting the Bears up with first-and-goal at the 10.

Trubisky hits Robinson on a quick slant route, and the Bears have their first lead.

Bears 7, Lions 0 (11:37 1st)

Detroit Lions quarterback David Blough throws during warmups Thursday at Ford Field.


Rookie quarterback David Blough will make his NFL debut for the Detroit Lions as they host the Chicago Bears in their annual Thanksgiving Day game. Follow the action with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


Lions: QB Matthew Stafford, CBs Michael Jackson, Rashaan Melvin and Jamal Agnew, G Beau Benzschawel, OL Oday Aboushi and DT Damon Harrison are inactive for Detroit.

Bears: WR Taylor Gabriel, DB Sherrick McManis, LB Danny Trevathan, OL Bobby Massie, DL Abdullah Anderson and TEs Ben Braunecker and Adam Shaheen are inactive for Chicago.


Kickoff: Thursday, 12:30 p.m., Ford Field, Detroit

TV/radio: Fox/760 AM

Records: Lions 3-7-1, Bears 5-6

Line: Bears by 5.5