Recap: Press conference with Lions GM Bob Quinn

By Matt Schoch
The Detroit News

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn is holding his end-of-season press conference on Monday at 4:30 p.m. at Allen Park. You can follow all of the developments here with live updates by Matt Schoch of The Detroit News.

Quinn addresses media for his end-of-season press conference

Coming to you live from Allen Park here, where Lions general manager Bob Quinn is about to take the podium to address the media.

The team finished the season at 3-12-1 with a 23-20 loss to Green Bay on Sunday.

Bob Quinn starts the press conference by giving condolences to Marvin Jones and his family after the passing of his young son, Marlo.

Quinn notes that Jones was the first free agent he signed. He said being around the Jones family is one of the more difficult things he's had to do.

Quinn says he's thankful for the Ford family and that owner Martha Ford's regular questions about the team are always insightful.

"Some pretty incredible showings of support from our fans at away games, and especially obviously at Ford Field, it's always rocking. So shoutout to those fans that are with us," Quinn said.

Quinn says the story of the season is of a team that didn't finish.

"We were in all the games. ... At the end of the day, we didn't win enough. That's the bottom line."

Quinn: "We're going to take a hard look at everything," including players, scheme, coaching, organization, injury prevention.

"The fans don't deserve excuses, they deserve answers."

The general manager said there are high expectations every year: "That's never going to change."

Quinn said coach Matt Patricia wanted to change some things and he has. Maybe there was more than they expected.

"I think any time you bring a new coach in, there's going to be a lot of change," Quinn said. "Probably a little bit more expected than going into it, but that's when you get in the building and you see things you want to change. And Matt wanted to change some things, and he has. It's taken a little bit longer. The bottom line is we have to do more to win. I think that's the bottom line.

"It takes longer for certain teams, and some teams hit it off the bat. Unfortunately we're in a position where going into year three, we've got to step up to the plate."

Bob Quinn

Quinn said there are not enough wins.

When asked about the good things, Quinn pointed to Sunday, staying competitive against the Packers. "I was proud of our team yesterday."

Quinn noted the Lions signed 14 players off their own practice squad and three off other teams' squads, and all played "a decent role" on Sunday.

When asked if 9-7 wasn't good enough two years ago, why is this OK: "I think I just answered that. We don't want to bring it down to the basement again and start from the foundation again. That's the answer."

Quinn: "I'm not going to put a timeline or a number of players on it. There's a lot of things we need to get better at. When you win three games, it's not just one thing."

"We are going to own our record, that's what it is. We can't change it. We're going to accept that and we're going to look forward to try to give this team, this city and this organization a better record going forward."

On Darius Slay: "I'm not going to get up and talk about anyone's contract status." Never have, never will, Quinn said.

Was it a mistake not having a better backup quarterback? Says Jeff Driskel played at a decent enough level to win two of the three games he started (the Lions lost all three). Said the defense didn't play well enough in those games.

Quinn said it's possible they'll put more resources into backup quarterback position.

Quinn said he's "very confident" in the recovery of Matthew Stafford this offseason.

Quinn said trade talks for Darius Slay around the trade deadline were not very serious. He said he doesn't regret trading Quandre Diggs to Seattle.

Jesse James needs to get more involved in the offense, Quinn said.

When asked about his reaction to being brought back: "I like my job. I'm happy."

Quinn notes all the fourth-quarter comebacks in his first year in 2016, and he said the reverse happened this year by losing all the fourth-quarter leads.

Quinn said his mandate to win next year will not impact his decision making this offseason. "I have to take all personnel decisions, all decisions within the organization, with a short-term or long-term focus."

Quinn on Christian Jones extension: "As you guys know, we were trying to build the front seven. Hard to find linebackers who can play on the line of scrimmage and off. Christian can do that."

On third pick of draft: "With where we're drafting, we're going to have to take a close look at everything." In prior drafts, moving up to a top pick would have cost too much, but that won't be the case this year.

On possibility of staff coaching the Senior Bowl: "I know the few staff members that are currently here the last time (the Lions' staff coached the Senior Bowl) ... if we get that call in the next couple days, we'll be excited about it. I usually spend four days (in Mobile), so what's a couple more?"

The GM Said he expects the roster to turn over about 25 percent, like usual.

Quinn tells media members "Happy New Year" as he exits.

Fans hope he's right there.


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