ESPN's McShay doesn't see Lions landing Chase Young

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

Coming out of the NFL Combine, there's growing speculation the Detroit Lions could land Ohio State defensive end Chase Young in the draft. That realistically happens one of two ways.

First, Washington, at No. 2, drafts another player, namely Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. That's a rumor that's picking up steam in recent days, and at least one mock draft, from Pro Football Focus, projected that scenario this week.

Chase Young

The second way Young is there for Detroit is Washington trades out of No. 2 for another QB-needy team eyeing Tagovailoa. ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay scoffed at the possibility the top of the draft playing out this way. 

"I don't think it's going to happen," McShay said during a Tuesday conference call. "If you're looking for a percentage, 10-15 percent chance of it happening. I think Washington really loves Chase Young. I think (owner) Daniel Snyder loves (quarterback Dwayne) Haskins and that was very apparent last year. And I think, it just seems to me, from everything I've heard, all the information I've gotten, if Joe Burrow goes one, it's going to be Chase Young at two for (Washington).

"And then the draft kind of starts at three, if you will, if terms of some possible moment and all of that."

That's exactly how McShay's mock draft, posted Tuesday morning, played out, with the Lions selecting Ohio State cornerback Jeffrey Okudah with the No. 3 pick. 

The rumors about Washington's interest in Tagovailoa started from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, who said the team told the quarterback prospect at the combine they wanted to bring him into the fold to compete with Haskins. 

For what's it's worth, the Sun-Sentinel was one of the publications pushing that the Lions were seriously considering moving Matthew Stafford this offseason.

Washington selected Haskins with the 15th pick last year. In his rookie year, he appeared in nine games, starting seven. He completed 58.6 percent of his passes for 1,365 yards, with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. 

Another factor in the equation is Washington fired its top front-office decision-maker and coach since drafting Haskins. 

McShay was later asked if he'd consider Tagovailoa over Young, if he was Washington's general manager. 

"Yes, I would," McShay said. "But I would have to have a lot more information on the medicals. But if my doctors were saying that he was progressing and they don't forecast it being an issue moving forward, then yeah, I would think long and hard about passing on Tua. 

"Because if he's healthy, and I know he's going to be healthy, I would put him right up there with Burrow, and I've said before, I would lean Tua over Burrow because I think he's special.

"But the problem is the reality," McShay continued. "The reality is Daniel Synder is not going to let that happen as the owner. That's what I understand. He thinks Dwayne Haskins is the guy and they're going to build around him and see where they can go."